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“There is no place I haven’t seen those individuals who dare to put my fire out. The ice bucket challenge is to wound me and other truth tellers  in some sort of way. Old witches know the game, they are  subtle with their madness. Throw a rock and hide their hand. 

Oh, and they love you with the love of Jesus…When you hear that garbage “RUN”.  The agape love of Christ is one that has to be processed people have to first get past the superficial and their conditional term love. As much as I hear some say they like “order” they loathe like a disease. As much say they want unification they perfect chaos. This keeps the people beholding to them instead of God.  

Church goers today love stay on the breast milk of ignorance. As life go on milk wont sustain you. The rapid deterioration of the spirit will ask for something more and it wont be you.  Some honestly believe that in this fashion God pardons sins…and look over the fact that they are still a work in progress. In fact some ride out on they ain’t perfect but never seem to perfect. 

I can guarantee  when you are going to do God’s business without selling your ego, to the devil … you will be face with some oppositions when you decide for God you will live. You will ask God why do all the troublemakers become apart of the church”.  Jesus didn’t have to get on the buddy system with crooks for the Will of God to be done. I see this crap in its finest. I don’t shake hands and have murky alliances and call myself a woman of God. 

We don’t have to wonder why church isn’t respected have you seen the church soap opera lately?

A “hot mess”!

 “Of course the church generational demons never leave because they are allowed to wreak havoc on God’s people. You don’t have to wonder what happen…just wait and see what happens next. A devil will send out another set of devils that will be bolder and stand taller than before. They will in fact  out match the church devils and no limits and no boundaries they wont cross.

They arrive with more   bitterness, hints of jealousy and lot of messiness. It’s not a joke they actually “hate”  you and God. But has to have a place to breed so that they can destroy.

I remind the old  messy church battle axes… I was raised among the best witches and warlocks so,… I have peeped the games you play. God can’t seen novices in deep-rooted satanic behavior even if its  inside the church.  Eli and his sons… should remind us just how low it can go.  I am not shocked at the shenanigans but I am a little taken back at the those who complain and gossip among yourselves but you seem to stay because your monsters are alive and active too.

 The one that has to battle the craziness are on guard and tired of the foolishness on a regular… they sit and become bitten by bitterness. They did nothing. The charlatans have no life so they work very, very hard  on destroying the lives of others through hating and sheer prejudices… even if it means lies and strong deceit.” especially” in positions of authority. They are often neglected by not doing the right things and sole purpose is to power trip and be nothing and do nothing…It’s all in the church game!

 As a prayer warrior I can’t tell you how many hats I have worn and in  some of the places different ministries and organizations has placed me to smother my love for God or to keep hidden so I wont tell it . Some  wont let me in, so I see the slick sabotage…  others are afraid of the presence of the Holy Spirit, so I am often depicted in a negative light because I am not a Christian dummy!

  Abase or Abound…God lets me win!  

Some people hate God so I am no different when they sense his presence and hate the God in me.   I am not as rejected by the world as one might believe but rejected more by the church.  Some have played church for so long they prefer actors and actresses until they have a problem then they have to speak with one that they know might have a direct line.  It’s amazing when people choose to know God often times of distress other than that God isn’t on the forefront of their minds or in their lives this includes preachers as well.  When God consecrates you people can’t handle that level of strangeness about you.

You are not odd per se…but you posses something desire to have but refuse to work on it. It requires! Lets face most people love carnality. I don’t waste my time preaching to people or try to sell Jesus as if he is  box of cereal. I can only live the life I exemplify.  Nope none of us are perfect but I am not one that pretend to be perfect either!

Demonic entity often times block the human heart and vision with being false about your witness.  Satan breeds where he is welcome.  Satan loves church that is why so many stay in the midst of the messiness instead of denouncing and making a change for the greater good. Are you kidding me? Many actually believe that doing good will allow them be apart of the God Squad . In fact many stay in the church because it’s a safer to run a ruse in front of the religious fools!

So, in this place a lot of hot air is blown into the universe funking up the great space God called earth.  And those with the fire of God is persecuted harshly by those who are supposed to protect and nourish and help to mature… How can one mature when they lack the  Spirit of God to begin with?  You can pretend have something you really don’t possess?

Many try to sanitize the atmosphere every now and then with a few air refresher. It wont keep the stench of evil under control.  The word of God states… That the HOLY SPIRIT GUIDES YOU TO ALL THE TRUTH… JOHN 16:13

My question is why do we settle for half of it?  Sadly many in the pulpit and pews around the world are not driven by the HOLY SPIRIT but the lust of the flesh. God is calling us to come higher… it’s in this place have to stay low…In other words a place of sincerity, no lime light, to glory stealing for yourself, die to self,  no humblebragging , no hidden agenda…  unfortunate  no likes on FACEBOOK!!!!