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I have personally seen this influx of behaviors including within my own family. It’s like they are all showing up getting more momentum to kill and take the chances of being killed.  Many would like to believe that these people are harmless. I don’t know what monster is going to show up and I don’t take it lightly when others feel as if nothing tragic cannot happen.


With my own experiences that is has been my plight at least the last 15 years. I have seen the flip side of people who appear as if they are normal and you listen to the conversation and their actions. It’s not matching and then it goes into the wild blue yonder… It’s never  seem serious to others  until it unravels on you and in your life!

I  don’t  make  fun of this serious issue within our community and God knows the church is bombarded with the ones who are  not only on a watch list but needs to be monitored outside of the doors of the church across the street on the police doorsteps.

I am never  comfortable  when the  overly aggressive fan clubs, the desperadoes are sitting next to me  anyplace or working near me…  I don’t feel safe when you got some people who needs to be on the police watch list as well and people like to downplay how bad it really is. So that people will feel comfortable being in a place.  When you got some nut cases onboard you better tell me.  I feel safer when I know that one has did everything to keep me safe. Watch lists shouldn’t be kept a secret. Give me the options of when I should stay or I decide to leave! th7MYP6HM8


My heart goes out to the  Virginia news reporter, Allison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, who died tragically publicly lost their lives to someone who had no regard for human life including his own.

 I can’t afford to ignore idle threats or even when someone has a mission to destroy others. People have a difficult time confronting some of this behavior they are quietly put on a watch list.  But I know for sure some we need to get them out of atmosphere.

My grievances with “watch lists” … Let me know how bad it is?  What are you waiting and watching  for?  So, I can prepare myself when these individuals are around. 

Normally what became apart of  my life, because my family endured our share of  psychopath stalkers …It changes your life forever! You know when someone is tethering on doing something crazy.  For some odd reason, some would like to believe that it wont turn deadly.

My awareness when the lunatics are hovering…are keen! I am on guard!

And you want to watch …. they should be watched away from where I am. 

 I have no degree in mental health but I can always seem to spot  some people when they are  is off balanced.   How one define mental illness is another story but when it’s evil how do we put this in a category. We don’t want to believe some are born bad… but they are.

 I am no sure if being evil is in the same category as clinical mental illness. Yes, I don’t believe you have some mental problems when you find individual who bucks authority and have no regard for human life. Regardless of their weapons of choice…. Watch lists are to be made public for the safety of others even when you one might feel it’s not that serious… but death is!!!!