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Pastors know when someone is taking a special liking to them. The leaders don’t disrupt the craziness because they may give the church special needs.  So, they don’t rock the boat. Yet, they take your non responsive approach as acceptance. This is one of the first sings of an unhealthy church.

You want to see some crazy stuff… People that follow ministries around with no sense of God.  I will agree they need no coercion in the mental health department it is often helped along with the ministries spirit of pride. The danger of getting caught up in the entourages in ministries… This is abuse of authority in any ministry and this is never God!!

When you have leaders who are  strictly sold out on self…they have no fear of God. And neither are they in relationship with God, so they have no  benefits with God. This is when you faced with the games, so they slick their ways into a false sense of successes. this is how many gain control over the feeble hearts and minds of others.

This narcissistic  behavior is  headed for lots of trouble.    When you are in places of authority you have the responsibility to correct this kind of behavior. And don’t think I don’t catch subtle of co-signing!

I see musicians who get caught up all the time with some  hot girdled posterior “twerking” in front of them at the altar. That’s why the “hot Lucy goosey” is up there.  He or she knows the lusty ones. It’s their job to take someone down and it could be your leader. Sadly, I had to stay low for many years until I can see the craftiness and shenanigans  of the churches and it’s leaders. 

I bet if we gave altar calls in big wool robes no one would come to altar.  No one could advertise. That’s why many leaders couldn’t handle the true Elders of the church. Thy caught things and confronted i God will open your eyes to the pitfalls in ministries.  Some know better but just thrill that someone wants to believe you posses pseudo authority… opens the door for demonic entries.

I am never surprised to  see a Pastor who acts as if he confused…about scandals. He knows what games he or she has played! And when the embarrassment and shame comes now they want to get real spiritual… because now you have to tell the law why it went wrong. All stories may not be the same but I can guarantee one of the scorn  groupies can share their side of what they believe was occurring while he or she was getting flattered.

And what they say never stuns me because if you are suffering  with low self-esteem… flattery is only a temporary fools gold!  This has played out in many ministries across the country. 

Wisely ,I am very careful about the photo taking you are not my family or loved ones so why am I posted up with total strangers. Sounds real stupid? But many leaders are slow like that!  You might mean well but it’s tacky and it’s tricky!

They are smitten not with the God in you but infatuation. Some people can clock where you are dirty someplace so they attached themselves to what sin that they might see in you.  Which really introduce “stalkers” to your world quite easy.

Satan got kicked out of his residence as “praise and worship” leader. He thought he was better than God.  He loved being adored and worshiped. This story is often told in Sunday School as some fable, never comparing the story to signs of the flesh getting ahead of itself. Satan is often cast down by his attitude by rarely do we sit ministers and or leaders down with the craziness they exude. 

Are they really disrespecting you or is the behavior co-signs with the flatter of the given attention and the coins they drop in the bucket?  If there is genuine love for God you could care less who gives it is God’s business to maintain what he establishes! In a  desert or in the  worst storms of ministries God sustains you …without you selling your soul to the devil.  

When I peeped out the “silliness” how some leaders stand where all his cheers comes from instead of being led by the Spirit of God.  I got tickled but I know this is very serious among many churches today.  The lack of time in prayer! I knew people were actually not spending time in preparing which means asking God what does he wants not because you have fan club on one side of the church.  When you are led by the Spirit of God you need no cheerleaders!

Then the  other side of not flattery stories never come out until  you reject one  of the “infatuated” faithful followers club. And you’d be surprise how silly some older women who you think my know better… Ignorantly they dream….It’s all a set up!

I don’t care  if anyone supports my ministry just as long as I stay in right standing with God and the truth.  Flattery is dangerous and my many leaders want the fame more than what’s best for God’s people. They can’t seem to cope unless they are the center of their universe. Taking away the flesh is their security blankets.  Not much faith there!

We are not going to get carried away with the foolishness of being infatuated with someone who isn’t going to be your bride or your groom. The reality is this is the mess of the day! No wonder we have so many people who stop at nothing for the lime light or being in that spot light of feeling and looking important! No this isn’t  “HOLLYWOOD” this is inside  some of the churches today!

 Yes, it is up to me set the record straight, instead of breathing in more gas for my belly and a pumped up head! Some know that these folks are mentally imbalance but takes advantage because they give well in church instead of handing them a card to nearest psychiatrist.

When I saw this game… I wasn’t shock but I know this game can turn deadly!

Oh  many have tried …but I send them on their way… You wont make me out of god!  This brings a curse on you and the church.  I get more than my share of those who try. But there is definitely something in my walk that tells you to respect me so they know not to bring the nonsense. Unless they are super nuts…admirations and flattery So, I wonder what is your demeanor reflecting? We have more women looking for a hook up, the opportunists, one night stands… all the things groupies do in the world are worst in church. You know something is wrong with you when your wall paper on your phone represents something other than your four kids, the dog and oh by the way your husband?

Odd, the real “Jesus” doesn’t stand a chance, Yes, it’s my responsibility to set it straight to get the glory off of me.

 But the answer isn’t in prayer it’s within the ego! You think this isn’t  a serious problem. More women flocking to the church just to touch the hem of their garments. We are responsible how we handle our egos. The churches today are full of unnecessary issues and adding to a leaders ego only makes the problems worse. 

The bottom line…it’s desperations,  it’s  dangerous  and it’s deadly!