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When I had taken ill… I had to experience some painful realities about what people go through in this country being ill and  filing for disability.  What isn’t’ shocking is really how the treat the people who has served in this country.  Mentally you already dealing with the setbacks and ill effects of  what you are experiencing.  Often times people really don’t know how much someone is either ill or suffering in some capacity.

The standing in this line and that line to get your paperwork going for disability unimaginable and for Veterans it’s even worse.  And I think what the initial shock of how bad it is… you are already  feeling disparity because your are ill  and it’s been proven you are waiting in the terrible lack of order in the government systems… And you still have to prove  that you are sick enough to get it after being picked and probed! 

The second, shock is everyone is denied the first time no matter how sick you are. I have heard stories of people with cancer who has to fight for get disability. Yes, it’s true!

People don’t get  what’s the matter until it happens to them or no someone who is experiencing some unbelievable go around with our agencies who handle these causes.   I have nothing good to say about the priorities in this country sucks!   Until some level of understanding might take place they just don’t care!.  Also people really don’t understand exactly what disability is. And it is “anything” that might hinder you from working anyplace effectively.    I saw the unconcern attitudes in all the social service arena and I worked in this field. I saw the crap then and I see even more now.

My issue with my physical balance was  absolutely one of the worse cases… and even worse when I got too stressed.  I can honestly go here from experience.  Many Veterans died waiting on the United States to rightfully take care of them and it’s really no different also with people with disability.  I don’t get it … what you think should be simple turns out to be them most difficult.  I have never seen such a backwards system in my life.  I knew people who actually played mentally ill in order to get their disability going.  I refuse to go that route… and shouldn’t have to.   Now that they have labels as mentally ill to get money…Really? 

So, really America why are so many shocked that OVER 300,000   Veterans die waiting for MEDICAL CARE…. IT’S A CRYING SHAME!