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I got a call telling me that a relative behavior is now reckless.  You see she was allowed to be in the company of adults and thought she was running something. Now the end results of a spoiled brat is off the meter.  Miss Cuteness  tells adults where to get off at, wont wear anything that isn’t designer…She was sitting with adults listening and witnessing the crazy stuff… that I warned about it.  

I know the power of crashing and burning! I don’t continue to talk myself exhausted… I just say what I have to say and keep it moving!

As much as I tried to give structure  and boundaries  just like ministry foolish adults intervene and co-signed on the  foolishness. Attitudes all over the place and now Miss Cuteness is giving everyone the business. Of course she respects me…she already knows the deal. I don’t tolerate the sassiness and the jacked up behavior!  Now you need someone to clean up your mess…

My response was …okay!  I didn’t want to hear it…  As long as the child was with me … everything was considered too hard and I was old-fashioned.  A child stays within  a child’s boundary I don’t reason with children. It’s absurd!  What do they know when it comes to what is better and safe?

Now  years later that the teenager is hormonal and off the meter they need my assistance. I am not giving it…Lessons will come one way or the other especially with me. I don’t nag… and I don’t really give too much input because I know when the seeds of disrespect and rebellion rise… you wont be to get a grasp at how bad as parents you set an atmosphere of being disrespectful and rebellious!

Yes, school was year around at my house and still is…  You can’t sit at the dumb box, with video games and the other nonsense, sleep all day and up all night… there are activities for the physical, spiritual and the mind…all the time.  I require that you read something to me and explain exactly what you read. I did arts and craft…Do something!  Yep, you can tell which adults had some kind of home training.  

Their nastiness always seem to go unchecked, that is why so many  have bad attitudes on a job, can’t get along with anyone unless they are running something, buck authority and have to have the last word.  Tell them no… you will experience the disrespect.

“I let fool adults have all the words that they need because I know in the end what you didn’t confront will sooner or later confront you”. That is why there is this influx of disrespect and violence in the land.   People ignore the ignorance and the rest of us have to pay for it”.

The unfortunate part about when boundaries are not respected you get rebellion.  Now days people don’t feel they need to reason… No one wants to respect anyone and forget conflict resolution. Have you seen the lack of respect even for human life?  As adults who are parents and were parents some of this can be cut in half if we just raise the children with some level of decency!  What about me is getting a little passé. The truth is we have to stop pacifying the narcissism… and stand our ground for what is the truth and what is right!