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“KING DAVID… One of the best warriors spoken in the bible,  he had attempts on his life by a King he served… never launched an attack and he had many  good reasons.  God had his time when judgment  was served on the almighty narcissistic King Saul. God never does anything without first giving word to his “prophets”. 

The danger of doing things in man’s own timing always mess things up regardless of all the good intentions. It’s a tone that is being set in the atmosphere. This tone is doing more dividing even among those who once agreed.  There is a way of being disagreeable without spewing death over the people.


 Plain old common sense can keep even the best leader out of trouble. Wisdom is a beautiful thing… if you possess it to heal the land instead of destroying it. Power of life and death is in the mouth. So what are you sowing in the land? Surely, it can’t be more discord.

Spiritual laws work whether anyone understands them or not! You will reap what you sow.  And  have to ask …What exactly what are you conveying is it peace? Because God blesses “peacemakers”…

 If people are so in tuned with God… then they inquire with God.” As many like to say they know God…the atmosphere is never to hate. God may use someone to be a messenger but  he never need anyone’s flesh to dictate what he does next. Whether you believe in God or not…

The atmosphere in this country about injustices  has been unhealthy for centuries and sooner or later the dams are going to breaks! God has never orchestrated for anyone of us to decide what is someone’s just due even if they mistreat us. It’s up to us to make the difference not stir up more strife.  This isn’t a passive approach but a wise one. We are in need of the truth without all the emotional baggage because in the heat of being angry bad decisions are always made!

Yes, we have enemies but how greater are you in spirit when you have no ability to control the climate in how you feel.  Yes, I have been there when you want to go there but choose to exit the room.  I am not advocating  being a door mat because There are people that need to be called on their mess. 

However, I can’t get too entangle with how bad it is or it was. I have to  keep it moving before a spirit of bitterness take control and then my judgment is irrational. There are  justifiable reasons to be angry but we are not to suppose to sin with that anger! We are in only in right standing when we do it God’s way.  The lie… many use flesh to justify why do what we do. Don’t believe the hype!

There is time for war and there is time for peace…but who gives that authority must be prepared for the dire consequences afterwards. So many are fueling violence even in their speech and I definitely do not condone… hating any group or  a particular kind of people even if they don’t’ agree with the God that I serve.  Violence on every kind of level is extremely high. We are the verge of some riots if we don’t watch our actions toward others who are not like us.

Loving is so much easier,  but I do understand and there are so many injustices in this country that has to be addressed… And I say  it because I do love God’s people.   I do understand that there will be times war has to be …in order to bring peace.  Many dissect scriptures to fit their agendas to render attack  certain ethnic or religious groups.

 I am not into the “brainwashing” of folks co-signing on hating others.  I keep hearing things which I know it doesn’t sound right to me let alone God…Lets face it folks some folks that say they love God and his people sounds off mean spirited…  you might try to convey one way but in their actions I see  something else.  Some say it’s not hatred, but getting what’s theirs….And I have to ask?  By what means are we to be heard?

There are many people who have helped me in some capacity in ministry some I respected …But when that tone changes I’M  OUT!  I have to live with the choices that I make… and in my history I don’t want to be apart of some of this counterfeit activism that instigate foolishness based on some deep rooted psychological issues!

Pay attention to those who have this fascination with death…and even that can be out of order!