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Prayer is the heartbeat of knowing God.  Prayer is apart of being a strong advocate for the God with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT. It’s not deep and spooky. We are  surviving and thriving off of the prayers of someone who made intercession for us.

The prayer chamber is that place you make just for you and God. It is a place in your home, church or a special chair… ” This  War Room”  is where you make it a sanctuary to hear from God. It this place you might not say a word…you might listen to music to meditate and for myself  I do  praise and worship along with taken the Eucharist…

It all begins in the outer courts to reach the HOLIES OF HOLIES! The first layer or court  is where the flesh needs to undress to take off the cares of the world… to get focus.  Prayer might be simple but it is to be taken very serious by God. A level of discipline starts when you become more serious about your time with God! More time with God more power!

Always test the spirit… If  you want to test a true follower of Christ. It will come out in their demeanor every time. It’s real simple bad behavior is the absence of God. When you hear the religious rhetoric of being God lovers but show messiness and hate.  No God!!!.  This part in ministry I  see all the time…have seen the deception. Goose bumps and being loud isn’t a sign of God but many someone can’t hear!

Messy people can’t hear anything from God but REPENT. The shenanigans of playing spiritual has never whipped a devil. Shaking your head, to ratting hands… I am almost tickled at how some fall for the foolishness, with a bible that is right in  their  faces that warn of the “angel of light” . Satan knows bible that is why many are duped with the church playing!  I am not ignorant to spiritual warfare, so I know to be careful with the tricks and the shenanigans many so-called people of prayer play. 

I know many say chains are  broken. I say chains are  being destroyed. Anything broken might come back to together. .You can’t stay in the presence of God and not change. When people say they have a prayerlife…it will be in the fruit of your personality.  Mean spirit…has nothing to do with God…check what you are praying!

Countless ways of prayer has been taught in err.  They make prayer to be this huge thing when it’s more simple than complicated. Pray God’s words!  Yep, pray the bible and from your heart. Prayer is truly the ground in which it is done. The Prophet Samuel prayers never missed…and one might ask why. 1 Samuel 3:19

The bible is full of promises that the world doesn’t even know about. From prayers for healing to prayers of swift justice.  Prayer changers everything and I know prayer works! There is nothing mystical about God.  Unfortunately man have tainted many ways of God and made God to be so unattainable unless you come by means of a certain vocation or title. 

Intercession is selfless and it’s hard to pray for others when you have a lot of you in the way. Praying in the Spirit means you are praying the will of God…The world is sustained on the prayers of others. I recall when prayer was necessary , today many represent a mockery of what God called us to be and to do.  When there is a quality life of prayer you see it and sense it.  Prayer is taken so lightly in a lot of churches and ministry across the county.  

Don’t be taken aside with people who pretend to have this prayer life all you have to do is watch the fruit. Nothing hard there!

With prayer comes supernatural power and revelation. Prayer can starts in a level of discipline that is small with a  powerful  impact that ends big!  No…you’re mind isn’t’ playing tricks many go without it and it shows!!! That is why the church  is infiltrated with chaos and continued ignorance. The atmosphere of prayer should be addictive to the Jesus Freaks… The vital heartbeat of the earth is prayer…Prayer introduces God and like any relationship it has to have attention and grows to produce to arrive at different dimensions in God!