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thHCPU6LT8 I recall when I was younger… The days of prayer with the ” Mothers Of Zion” made the first initial impact with being introduced to prayer.  … It was when I had my own life crisis’ that I begin to understand principalities and learn more about  strategic prayers and I begin to educate myself on the things of God with the help of God.

It was in during this time that I learn the power of the supernatural  and the promises of God from healing, to  prosperity in every arena of my life…

The War Room, is a movie depicting about spiritual warfare which many don’t understand because it is honestly rarely taught. Many believe God likes  just silence as if he is a nervous God but there are other levels in prayer many are ignorant to like prayers to command. Something that if often shunned in the church because many actually believe it’s too spooky and it scares people.

Although God is a Spirit. There is  hardly  any classes on the supernatural and you have to wonder why. Why many have so many messy war rooms which can’t pray a roach out of raid…but produce demonic atmosphere instead.

 Go See The Movie!