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The first child committing homicide occurred in  Genesis Chapter 4.  Cain slayed his own brother Abel out of sheer petty  jealousy!   Where was the pressure then?  This was a behavior issue… He was born bad!

I never read about lack of education, what economics they had the good of the land! What opened the door to this most bizarre in the beginning?  Lets go back…When Eve decided to allow something to enter her heart, yet Adam was responsible because he was suppose to be the head of the house! God blamed him… Adam blamed that woman! 

Some people actually get offended when I refer some people as monsters… Monster, or demons which ever you prefer! I am not taking it back.   There are some people on this planet that I know   you have to  wonder happened to them from the womb. We have a histories we wouldn’t dare talk about because they are frightening to know he or she turned out this way.  

Who can we blame? It starts in the home.  There are many different reasons and circumstances but no matter what the upbringing is a major part.  In our westernized society we dumbing down a lot! What moral compass and standards. Look at our political system…. a hot mess!  Our country was founded on God but continues to leave him out! Many have accepted anything and everything to ruin this country and call it being fair and equal…Yet, we have police beating the crap out of civilians and go home and eat a sandwich and have a beer! 

Criminals are rich and poor , educated and non educated.  We miss this and make this mistake about crimes …more about this lack of education, economics and social issues, but rarely do we really want to ask this question.  What’s in your house?

 We can’t speak too much truth,  because it’s not the political terms they prefer until someone  is locked up… I don’t care what many do in the community… I ask what’s in your house?    The truth is always  under fire or shunned in a quiet manner if you don’t play their games and go by their rules of engagement to expose things. ‘

As simple as why some of the violence can be curb.  Many don’t want to offend anyone so, we ignore and then we see the results of  others being ignorant and ignoring.   What is still shocking to me… as when you see  some of the most e well-educated  with bratty behavior and  ruthless behavior.  

For example …A teenager in Miami murdered his mother stabbed her 100 times, threw a party while her dead body was still in the house. 

Two Atlanta sons one a teenagers decided they were going to be the disciplinarians in their house and beat their parents like savages! 

In Indiana, a teenager, was angry with her mother because she didn’t want the “thug life” in her house. Had her mother murdered by her boyfriend.

Right here in Chicago, another teenager allegedly had been abusive towards her mother, eventually was murdered by her boyfriend. 

th0GOCCF7XDo you remember Lizzie Borden who allegedly killed her parents? Some of the worst grizzly murders were done by children.  This goes beyond a taboo…it’s sick and demented!   I  continue to speak about ill behaviors that goes unchecked even if it’s mentally ill.  The criminals today are more and more children.  Did I also tell you these were children mostly of affluent environments.

Ask yourself why? 

Americans like that pie in the sky mentality.  Our country focus on what they prefer to focus on. The parents today or the lack of parenting is off the meter. There is no discipline in the houses.  When you have extreme behavior in the homes you can’t afford to ignore it.  When young people are turning to more violence I know it goes beyond what it isn’t  happening but what actually is birth in that house.  

You can get the best psychiatrist on the planet  I can guarantee whatever  that is breeding  in that home produces and multiples whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.  What are children today being exposed to? You know what I know, too much is overlooked and coddled as being apart of growing up!   Everything and anything today is babysitting our children from  too many activities away from home to at home dinners with FaceBook. 

Everyone doesn’t need children and I deplore poor parenting skills especially those who adore their misbehaving brats! What you think is cute may turn deadly. Look around most murders today are rising fast with the household monsters! We have the power to change this. I understand that many contributing factor can make a criminal.

Yet again, I ask what’ s in your house?

Yet, what is running this country is now more immoral than ever!