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People prefer  ignore the warning signs… and ignore deviant behavior as if  it will “magically” go away. Some take the coward down but actually pumping themselves up that  all the craziness will go away instead grows worse.  The passiveness about bad behavior is working my last nerve.  Some see it going wrong and it’s afterwards that many like to express what they saw… but what about preventive measures? 

Some in our society prefer coddling  monstrous behavior by making excuses. I deal with the  bad behaviors on  a constant. and I know the “dangers” of not quenching the mentally imbalanced.  Some people might  need mental health  assistance  but the evil ones don’t give a rats behind about getting help they just want to hurt, or kill! 

 I rather be offensive in stopping and exposing the behaviors than to take a passive approach about the onslaught of the violent outburst that often leads to many deaths. I don’t know about you, but the walking dead are among us. Dead in spirit… They have no sense of consciousness and don’t care about taking lives. 


When I first heard this story I was disturbed and  was simply blown away  with grief. What happened in this house?  What  possess these heinous attacks on their parents?  My time is now to bring awareness to some of this onset of more violent behaviors in the homes, our communities, workplaces and our places of worship.  Please pray for this family and many like it…who deals with some extreme family dysfunctions.