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There are seasons in our lives  when we have to shift…wearing summer clothes during below freezing temperature we don’t need to be told to put clothes on. The warning sign that someone might be off is when someone continues to fantasize about how it’s okay… the situation is over…When you find people who have problems shifting in their lives and cannot discern that it’s time to do something different they always  seem to believe that they are in holding pattern but it’s all mental.  People play that “God game” as an excuse for not stepping up.  People who are afraid of change will make excuses for not moving forward. Well intentions might be in  the head but might heart the heart. 

This is the typical story today….

” A father spent all of his years working hard and building his reputation in his line of work he spent his time helping others but fail miserably at home. His wife  spent tirelessly making sure she kept the family together because her husband neglected his home.  She began to build everything alone. Their  three sons,  often desired for their father to be there in special events in their lives, things happened and after awhile the sons and wife learned to live without him…

Father’s excuse “he works a lot” and making sure he has a great legacy left for his children. In fact the reality is that he lived a separate life outside of his family.  During this  “painful” time his wife met similar individuals like herself and had to stay strong for her sons.

The sons started relying on the mother’s new friends to help her with the boys including one special friend.  Father, was missing a few beats and never came to realize that he was absentee father living in the home. 

 Father, had a day off and didn’t even know what to do with his own family and found himself in the house  staying on his cell phone and making time for more work than being a good husband and father.  More and more the invisible distances  grew large.   Father, thought he was alright but Mother had moved on. 

The sons finished college… the last one in fact graduated before Father, decides that he has to cut back on work he wasn’t feeling his best. So Father,  had to have a physical… And was told by the Doctor that his stress level was too high. In fact, the doctor advised him to pick up some hobbies and spend more time at home.   The wife on that same day, announced that she wanted out of the marriage and that she was going to marry someone else …Father didn’t understand… what happened.  Unfortunately he  was the only one  shocked… And went to the sons and told them about  his woes …they didn’t care  what was going on about Mother’s new love  that wasn’t new to them…but HIM. Mother’s new love… was the one that helped her to carry the load… He stayed in his place until she finally decided that it was time to move on…And her sons loved him dearly!!

 The sons let their father know…no only did they approve that mother moves on…and shared for all the years they watched their mother cry and struggle in-house that was never a HOME …God sent someone who was willing to wait until she moved forward TO BUILD A NEW HOUSE…WHILE FATHER DESTROYED HIS OWN HOUSE BY HIS HANDS. 

The sons, looked at their father and asked where had he been? ….  That he didn’t know how to be a husband or a father… He stood there crushed…finally she worth him spending time with her …but too late …She had someone who knew she worth spending the time with!

 We all have assignments in our lives and the most difficult challenges come when people can’t let go of something that has been dead for sometime… Anything that isn’t producing in your life and needs pruning so that it can grow.   The worst thing in the world that people do is to hold on to something that isn’t thriving or no longer thriving! Many people hold on to people, places  or things because they are familiar. The dangers of being familiar it can often slip into fantasy. The reality checks comes when everything is outgrowing you! Some people hold on because they have made it their lives and fear they wont have anything outside of what they have experienced. The great thing about life is that as long as there air… you can seize many other opportunities.