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Having common sense doesn’t make me perfect but I am grateful to have it. People abuse grace and mercy because the lack common sense. You  don’t need a word from anyone when you have something as simple as common sense. God doesn’t goes against himself and integrity. You don’t need God to tell you what you know to do…this is new cope out method for a lot of Christians especially. Just say you don’t want to do it or too afraid to do it!  In reality many people always miss God playing games!

 I have witnessed more immature adults, married and having children without it. I have to ask and why? How some people made it without have common sense is almost scary to believe that they are not supervised. Ignorance is re-booted and never seems to be corrected!

Every now and then… I have to sit back and listen to what is being said not just in my neck of the woods but ministerial and  globally.  You have to take a break from people, places and things. During this time you have to reassess . This means often reevaluation and eliminating.  I believe that sit down periods makes you stronger because you get to see what exactly that you are more in tuned with. 

Burn out is quickly especially if the assignments are dealing with people,  stiff necks and bouts of rebellion. Standing sure and flat-footed makes you more in tune with reality. There always will be someone who will give you a hard time even when it’s not necessary. The alarming rate  seeing more  immature behavior among adults married  with no sense that they are lacking common sense. This lets me know more ignorance is regenerated, high and on steroids. People do what they want and could care less about the outcome in the future. The list is endless when I see the lack of having a moral compass whether you believe in God or not.  I don’t have to figure out where it went wrong…I just know it’s wrong.  People are more wired toward lies than acceptance of the truth. 

The power of sitting down when you want to stand up builds character in another way.  It’s different from a time-out.  A time out is  a punishment. Sitting down isn’t a punishment but it brings another level of clarity which many of us can easily lose by not shifting when life teaches us to shift. Staying in the wrong gear wreaks havoc on the spirit man and you know your life. What was once fulfilling you will find yourself dreading because of not allowing .

When you have to sit yourself down and pay attention …this has to be a time of meditating and also reflecting.  When life happens you need those moments to find out what is really important. What was once important might not be important and what wasn’t important is now  a major factor.  Life is tricky… we don’t always make the right decisions but as you get older you make wiser decisions.  I think a great injustice to one self is getting older and still making foolish decisions based on feelings.  At some point another of level of clarity should be there but it isn’t. Some erroneous  behavior should have been stopped as a child yet we have to continue to deal with it as adults. When adults are not catching the clues about how wrong it is… I believe this is when life has to bring the corrections, even then it’s not a sole guarantee.   When the house is burning I don’t need a word from God… I need common sense…