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Let me express that these words are solely of Writer65 and not Pastor Pfleger’s.

I have told my story of dealing with the history of violence in my own life. I don’t have to make it over dramatic or sell my story to anyone. I have dealt with levels of gun violence  just about all my life and today seems to be no healing from it.  Regardless of how many marches I have attended, community outreach, dedications and so on… The numbers in violence is getting more staggering because we as a whole keep missing the bull’s-eye on violence as a whole! We have lost our moral consciousness to prevent with simple measures.  th4DOCRCCC

Every time someone kills another human being we want answers. But I have challenge many to tell the truth about how and why it wrong. You wont believe simple deduction to just nipping things in the bub but instead allowing “full bloom”.  I have learned this about the violence people coddle and blanket themselves based on what has been repeated. 

Sorry, it’s not all about education and employment…basically some of the violence has been duly noted about  the lack of structure not from the streets but what’s in your house…and the rest might  be the symptoms and what branches more violence. People hate to share how it when wrong in their homes with just simple things by allowing children to raise themselves. If you get to deep into this …watch the attitudes of some “too young or even the too ignorant” parents…

The rebuttal ,..”don’t judge me” … but the fact remains family dynamics  isn’t  what is overrated  but what does your family structure stands for is  key to what is truly missing.  A gun has to have a human being to shoot it but we failed a lot in addressing this. Why one might  need a gun in the first place?  Many reasons may vary but we know that many own guns because they feel the power of owing one just in case your crazy don’t respect my boundaries.   I am not against gun owners at all…but I am against illegal,  irresponsible gun owners and criminals with guns…

Many lie and say they can’t see trouble coming but in fact many do and ignore and hope it goes away…Be Proactive doesn’t always mean marching in your neighborhood but being proactive for standing up and telling the truth so you wouldn’t have to march!

The reality about  many roots of violence can’t be hit head on is when we begin this “honest dialogue” why some are prone to kill than others.  I might not be the most studious person on the subject but I definitely not a novice.  I don’t need anyone to give me their speech or community rebuttals … I have my own story about how it affected my life. I haven’t given up on our society as a whole but I have prune myself away from the foolishness which brings no real results.  You make yourself more visible when you live the life you speak about. If anyone should be angry it should be me… I have lost so many members to gun violence it’s a little disturbing to me. 

My Aunt was a Pastor, and  someone who worked with many different law enforcement agency around the country with her supernatural abilities to see things with accuracy to help solve crimes.  She faced the most horrible situation when she had visions of holding someone ” guts” and blood in her hands. We have skeptics but we live with the gift! She was almost haunted and this was getting the best of her until it finally happened! Her son, was outside her door with multiple gun shots…and he dying on the curb around the corner from her home. What she never saw …was it was my cousin… her son.  She had to hold his guts inside  until the ambulance arrived. Someone shot him in the gut with a some kind of assault rifle that blew a whole in his abdomen… He actually  lived and now works as a drug counselor…and violence prevention in Oak Park. 

And not trying to offend anyone… but  I know for a fact… We must stop the denial and lying to ourselves. The first major impact that we can control is finding out what it is our houses. Illegal guns are everywhere… and makes me to believe when we have trouble in our homes we need to be able to seek help with troubled individuals that ensues criminal and gang involvement. Some people say that we need jobs…but I am here to tell you the jail is full of people from the well-educated to the what we can gang affiliated. So, it’s the degrees of what we call a gang. Yes, different things my be a symptoms of gun violence but we have to address human behavior. 

If we all sat down and did a real assessment of what needs to be targeted it can be simple but have a huge impact. People with guns are not really afraid of marches and protests. Many has become so use to this kind of response, until people are becoming more immune to it.  Concerts and picnics have brought enough awareness … This isn’t the bulls-eye! 

Now it’s time for getting to the root instead of all the surface brushing! The truth is getting guns off the streets is going to take more than some parties and fellowship but some hard workers who know how to roll of the sleeves and hit the industry where it works.  Lets tell the truth… All this superficial foolishness has never saved a life off the violent streets in Chicago or across this nation.  I pray that people open up their eyes and come up with better strategies and leave the cameras and egos  in a whole some place. You can’t console anyone who has lost a love one whose blood lies on the pavement that any lives matter. Having  a few peace parties only gives a simple reprieve for what is about to happen next.  I should be able to enjoy my life without the fear of some idiot…imitating other idiots with their loud lives!

 The gun industry has the money and know how to make it  work. We must begin with some changes in the law of land about who, what and why but we must also revisit why the cycle of violence that seems to continue rapidly in the same places! Although violence affects all of us, no matter what your race or status is. Someone who can’t respect another life or wants to dismantle values because it doesn’t go their way… has another mindset that buck authority and no regard of the aftershock on our communities and family structure.

As simple as getting some control before it gets of control… and to be honest that is really why many of the gun owners own guns.  They know that we have many in society who could care less about a march and a boundaries.  We must come to common ground and some common sense over this past weekend…Someone was actually shot every hour …

REALLY?  Many others agree with me even in ministry but fail to have the boldness to call all out the show-boating in fear of the backlash of attacks for exposing the nonsense.  When you don’t fall prey to the enemies games…the element  of surprise  with the truth isn’t such a stinger.  A lot of human beings need to do really soul search and get back to the group.    I  haven’t given on quenching the violence I am turned off by the community opportunists and exhibitionist.  What grounds are really being broken or  what barriers have we really destroyed. I am waiting for the games people play to cease and I have been prepared to be focus and serious… about us unifying!  I can’t get sidelines with parties and egos… I have to be ready for the battle and it’s never been in front of anyone it’s what we get  educate ours lives on and get done when no one is looking!