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 One of my most favorite actors  Paul Newman…who spoke about adultery.  He expressed quality over quantity all the time. Yet, so many people embrace the status quo or they believe  is being political correct.  Its bad when people start to really believe that it’s okay to look but don’t touch. Lust starts first in the heart. Whether its for instant gratification or greed! Although cheating is often passed off as normal just take care of home. How can you trust a person who lacks self control?

Some seem to dismiss when a someone is unfaithful in a marriage whether it’s physical, or social media affairs.  Social media affairs is more than a cry for help.  Lurking and lusting for the attention of being praised by strangers!  It’s not normal!

Missing the moon because you are too busy  counting the stars. Cheaters risk everything and gain nothing. Can you imagine being one of the world’s greatest star and then there are those  secrets!

The old actor, the sandwich man, the  coach, your spouse, car dealerships  and even the preacher… In all honesty when cheaters and  perverts get caught doing what they do…they aren’t sorry because of their actions…They are sorry they got caught.  When anyone say or do something wrong  and then gets on social media or a podium to say they are sorry…there is hardly ever true genuine repentance of what they do. 

I  warn all the time someone is always watching what you say or do. The most sincere way of handling the watchers… be who you say you are when no one is looking. SMART!!!