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A lady tells her story of being called names and she instead buys the rude women coffee. She didn’t respond with another negative comment she demonstrated great restraint. 

I can recall when I first got started in ministry… 

The jealousy of those who hated me because  I  love Christ and demonstrated his love.  How often I had to feed and help the very people who went out their way to be cruel to me. To be honest a lot hasn’t change when it comes to a  hard human heart. It’s how I respond to them that makes the difference in my level of maturity to deal with them.thWHZ50ELC

I will never forget during a new members class how  I had given all my classmates including staff chocolates.  And you wouldn’t believe the opposition I had gotten  because I handed out candy.  I didn’t have to have brownie points… This is just who I am.  I had family members who did the same trying to instruct me on why I should stop being a giver.

I had never seen anything so quite immature even from people who claim to be ministers… I was embarrassed for them because I see the same catastrophe a lot.  This is how “wounds” are inflicted.  Bitterness never needs to rule the people. This is how division is created …doing your “own” agenda instead of God’s.  When love is absent in your walk… a daily communion with God is missing. These are tricks of the church…All ministers are not in love with God but some are in love with opportunities to be controlling or power trip.

It’s only a matter of time before they meet their devil match and then comes the embarrassment.  I didn’t want to believe that anyone in ministry was serving anyone with this level of cruelty.  I saw pettiness and better yet the jealousy for being kind was in the very one who should reflect better but it didn’t happen.

One man who was supposed to be the Pastor’s right hand… expressed his anger and said he hope what I was doing was legal… and that it wasn’t contraband. He tried to insinuate I was in this country illegally  and a racial slur against Hispanics.  His trusted side kicks  laughed in my face. But I knew they feared my strength.  I wasn’t  shaken with their antics but appalled that they were even apart of the Pastor’s circle!

But I knew it poured “hot coals” on his head when I had more than enough to give to those who had fed us that day. They were overwhelmed because they act as though they weren’t use to people loving on them. 

Yet, the hate filled dictator… was in charge of something.  He had a very evil disposition and I knew God would remove the joker.  I had  just given the idiot fine chocolates and he and his cronies were taking me there…  Many times I had to rise above a situation by showing  acts of kindness but I wasn’t stupid. I use the wisdom of God to counteract such foolishness as one who is supposed to teach and represent Christ.  Church today is dangerous because anyone and everyone is “allowed” to be in things and run things.   And you will be surprise how many people are wounded on  their watches…

1) Prepare to forgive but don’t personalize… We hope what is being preached is practiced

2) Forgive those who hurt you and move on don’t’ get caught up in the offenses. 

3) No church is perfect but discern when some are evil

4)Be committed to the truth and refrain from dumbing down

5) Don’t ignore warning signs  that it might be time to leave.

6) Stay teachable and don’t become bitter

7) If hypocrisy is coming from the pulpit…the fruit of hypocrisy is in the pews

8) Be respectable toward leadership even when he or she has shown no interest in correcting problems but keeping them…just know it might be time to  exit. Stand for the truth strongly even in betrayal by those in authority being silent.

9) Don’t create division and discord  know when it’s time to go

10) Don’t put your trust in people but with God.

I am always reminded of this… You can’t follow people you don’t respect. Some hated Christ for his love you shouldn’t be any different!