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th1V5QLP1A I think when we live in certain parts of the world we think this or that can’t touch us. It doesn’t mean that world is less evil…It just hasn’t arrive at your door or you are ignoring it. Power tripping adults need more than a some mental help but they are dangerous. When you have to beat down a baby to show whose boss… You’re sick!   

Horribly Houston Texas has this monster… A man in his 30’s… sexually abused his  a 23 month old niece…Giving her 3 sexually transmitted diseases and tested positive for HIV molesting and he molested a   14 year old for two years who is now pregnant and she too tested HIV positive… Wait…they tell me there are more victims…  This infuriates me!  

Another  man in Houston, … rapes a 8 year old in front of his wife…

In Darby, Pa… Five children ages 1 to 12  were  subjected to physical and sexually abused by 5 adults in a house Pennsylvania.  A male 22,  who has a I year old son allegedly held another child down to perform a sexual act and she was only 2 years old .

The mother 31,  of   the four admitted that she was is also apart of the abuse by shooting the children with a BB Gun.   All of the males were under 25 years of age, and the mother  allowed this demonic behavior to her own children. thWB3B8JO0

My heart tanked,.. something is wrong  when  many things in this country are not talked about because of its gruesomeness. It’s not stopping the abuse… but we have to be aware more than ever that some humans have no business being parents or allowed to look after children.

 When children are plotting against their own parents then you know something wicked has definitely come this way but when parents purposely served their children up we are in some serious trouble. We can’t ignore the signs! Child abuse is more out of control than we care to talk about and on the rise. Parental skills can’t help a sick mind.  Being physically and sexually abusive is not the only abuse. Emotional abuse is and has just as much negative impact on children.

Pray for these children and every child who  are  left mercilessly at the hands of individuals who are abusive… and  that knew these people were evil. We can’t ignore anymore demonic situations in this world because we will be confronted even more with what society refuse to recognize.