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 A STRUGGLE IS…   To contend with adversary or opposing forces

AN ISSUE IS…The act of sending out…putting forth

 Which one is it?

Who can take it another day?  No matter how people  like to sing and dance our way out of situations… I don’t care about all the community parties and ego organizing. We still have natural-born killers “haunting” our streets and communities.   What makes another human being kill another… is a heart conditions. I am not convinced that this is all social and economical ills… Certain people and their bad behavior is a recipe for criminal activities, violence and even murder! Sadly many misguided people prefer not deal with the onslaught that we are birthing killers indirectly some kind of way.   thO4G11LSQ

Honestly, when you really speak truth to power… YOU REALLY WONT BE THAT POPULAR that’s why so many are  dumbing down and playing games!  Just listen a lot of the same response that wont challenge our people and neither does it mature them. Stop co-signing on the ignorance and the foolish rebuttals… Our struggles and issues are on a much larger scale… But first we have to stop blaming other people for what we have to begin or initiate healing for ourselves…And that might come on the skirts of keeping it real… OUR SHORT TERM DECISIONS  ON WHAT COULD BECOME A LONG TIME LIST OF LIFE STRUGGLES@

I am not one to make excuses or want others to follow me based on my  low self-esteem issues and that longing for attention. Our problems will exist whether you need be apart of the community popularity contest or not. It’s irritating and so passé’ .  I am not praising anyone or anything… we need results and that just ain’t happening. As simple as doing roll call about the business in your personal space can offset some of this nonsense.   Regardless of how much of this is dismissed…We need to check behaviors and stop coddling criminals and gang bangers! My compassionate is extended when on can take life serious enough to not project misplaced emotions on one another. Simple disputes are now leading to more deaths… REALLY?

I want others to take charge and take note…What you want to believe is working…It’s not!  Grabbing back the communities door by door, brick by brick takes some real courage and boldness. We have to stop making excuses about what is the real culprit while violence is escalating.  These are generational issues as well! Regardless of how we hate stereotypes… Many still play the game here… One foot in the truth and another foot with the lies. 

You see,… many issues maybe the results of why one turn violent… Last time I checked all status, employed, or unemployed,  uneducated and educated , rich or poor or still crowding the prison systems…

It’s the heart condition of our people, whether we can grasp it or not. We are not facing some truths!  We can do all the right things and put them in place but you will still deal with heart of someone’s dysfunction that still come via violent! 

We can’t blame the police, we can blame the mayors or any other leaders about what we have to take authority over ourselves as citizens in this country.    How much dumber can it get when idiots are driving by and shooting at other human beings? We  make excuses why they are killing each other.  You still have to ask what are they getting out of this? You can’t make sense out of these morons because regardless of their surroundings… you just don’t drive by and gun down people because you are either uneducated or unemployed the internal issues are much larger than this.

A family in Chicago, gun down like animals… and a one year old is fighting for survival… His mother is dead and so is his grandmother… Who cause this problem?  Why does it continues to happen? Stricter gun laws is just one part of the solution but internally there are some serious issues within the black and brown communities…  It’s time to re-strategize…