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Another Chicago Pastor has been allegedly accused of raping teen girls.

Again and again… I don’t understand people who consistently stay in churches where questionable abuse of authority, criminal behavior or  sexual assaults are taking place. How does any leader who consistently being accused of rape stay pastoring for years and no one question the red flags?  You know as adults this is truly difficult but what about a child?

 Like  fools many stay in the devil’s den covering up the nonsense. Oh yeah! The fools quote scriptures and all this other foolishness vilifying the victims. I am truly having the most difficult time these days the lack of not dealing with the truth.  

I learned first hand that people have a hard time believing that the folks they love and respect can be a criminal or even a rapist. The human mind loves be detached from reality the truth will sting a little. So, ignorantly the victim becomes the criminal all because he or she has exposed a leader.

Never i seems to be  anyone on any level of accountable. Rape is a serious accusation especially when  victims  are repeating the same stories.  I am not speaking about the rumor mill or this personal witch hunt.

Isn’t it worth looking into? 

What reason will do anyone justify , or support any church when your leader can’t keep their  act together. We should wonder why the church is losing more and more credibility. Some already think that the  most deeply religious folks are whack jobs!  You can be sure that there are more people who have been sexually assaulted and wont tell it… because members of the church can’t handle that abuse is or was taking place while they ignoring the cries in the pews! Unfortunately people have actually lose sight of what God  is truly about and what the church is supposed to stand for…instead people have made people out gods, stand for nothing but continue to look the other way at all the true injustices…God help!