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Can someone help me with this please?  Terrorists , foreign or domestic he is considered a ” cold-blooded killer”… Yet, when someone hates Christians, disenchanted with life or his wife … he or she is get off with this term he has mental health issues. I am getting a bit turned off with cope  out.. about people who were born bad.

Unfortunately people who really suffer with some mental health challenges get a bad deal.. However in this country we like to play on words in the media… There is a blame game…You don’t wake up A MASS MURDERER… th6ZKG74XU

Yes there is something wrong with a lot of people who enjoy violence. We have some people who love the crime life… or love to marinate their thoughts on harming others. When any human beings have more “guns” and ammunition with a degree in law enforcement or the military office…Red flag!  Something in the person to absorb evil is imbalances…He or she  just might be wired wrong but do we continue “coddle serial killers” behaviors as they need help.  

I propose this question for  all who like to say this young man who got “ticked” off because he didn’t have girlfriend.  What if he had   girlfriend and the  minute she “disagreed”… this could have been a domestic violence gone bad.

Yet,  his whole plan was to kill anyway  because he was angry because he felt life wasn’t good.  So, therefore, go to a college campus  a to shoot to kill  anything in his way that love Jesus. Folks this is more than a wake up call  this is our new reality.

Although, many are riding out on this plea to being “sick”… I agree to some degree but world-wide people can’t handle that  human beings like him are just evil. It’s in our face and too scary!

 We can play on the words… How many  that are mentally ill and decided today to be good? Make sense?  Instead the danger of labeling all because some people get ticked off and shoot up campus, a workplace, and even people praying.

Think about it?

… When over 40 mass shootings in one year… and  in this country we pacify too many situations like this! Get angry, shoot someone and then cry I got some mental problems. Yes, you might be mentally sick but I have to keep in mind…How sick was the mind to carefully have strategies to murder. America get ready to apologize to  every “cold-blooded murderer” in this the prison system. It’s easy to say someone couldn’t be born to kill but the many fail to realize we coddle too much senseless gun violence!  Let us stop classifying , passing off evil  and perfuming evil acts as mental illness!