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GOD GIVES ME THIS EXAMPLE.  I know that this post might not be for everyone but someone will understand it and it will bring so  much clarity to their lives.

“The lessons I learned when there is storm  that it is time to make a move.    If you know how to drive on a flat surface areas the rides of comfort are okay  but when a vehicle is taking on some rough  mountains there is certain gear the vehicle has to be in for the vehicle to continue to run a bit smoother.  If you continue to drive in the wrong gears the vehicle will struggle and you’d then get  into “engine” trouble.  

In order to take the pressure of the ride, you are going to have to shift gears.  Everything is turbulent because something hasn’t shifted in the right gear.  Once the vehicle is the right gear… the vehicle isn’t pulling as hard and the ride becomes smoother once the road flattens out again to meet your destination.

That’s called LIFE”… The dangers of waiting too long out of  FEAR!

On last week I was prepared to make some announcements about some changes I was prepared to do for myself.  And like ministry many things last week were “actually” left on my doorsteps.  My life and ministry hit some setbacks.  I had began to position myself to do it alone like always but life stopped me in my tracks.  I went through all the stages of someone who suffered some kind of  post traumatic stress disorder.  

What scared me the most, is the fact that I finally wanted to just wanted to quit!  I wanted to go someplace and hide. Seems like what seems to be the worst storms everyone like to give their input even if you don’t ask for it. Some mean well while others are simply being nosy to see if these situation  will hurt you enough to cave you in.

 A  friend kindly reminded me… That I all of my troubles seems to come via through others and not exactly my own situations.  I am getting older and take more time and start focusing on my life.

Vehemently someone  else reminded me that Mother Teresa seem to do everything for everyone except herself and look where it got her…  God wants better for me but not here… I care too much for others walk away!

I was told   NOW  IS  THE TIME TO BE  A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT ME…AND TO GET INTO MY SEASON FOR POWER AND CHANGE!   This is not a pat on the back FOR ME moment…both were right in their own way.  

We can skip, sing songs and do a little dance… The reality is all of us feel the squeeze and the pressures from this life no matter what area that is under attack… from finances to family trouble. Its  not for just  feeling the pressures for yourself but also for the means of others.  We are all in some kind of crisis. The  heart-break of people are in need of more help than ever and sometime you are the glue that’s  holding it all together.  I still have to allow Christ to be in the driver ‘s seat.  Although we might be in the right positions someone else might not be… Yet, we still have to let it go but be obedient doing it!

Yes,  who doesn’t want the day of rest and relaxation. I have very little of that  and I had to take it in order to possess it.  I love comfort but  my life has never been  about comfort.  I ask God all the time why some of us suffer relentlessly while others seem to escape  through life… being nothing.  I was taught to survive and not waste.  I knew certain things had to die in my life for something else has to live.  I know that pruning in ministry  is to being the pulse of God.

As much as  we hate cutting things off sometimes God has to do it for you or you will never see his best. Comfort zones are okay but they can also be dangerous.  We can stay too long in a place and it takes God to help move things along especially when human beings are used to certain safety nets and make excuses because FEAR is the underlying culprit.  When sometimes I know the end is near I am the one who really “waits” to fat lady sings… and sometimes it’s not a sound, sometimes its a gesture! 

Despite some horrible challenges that we all had to face or going to face we got to know when God is shifting things around.   I knew it fell apart because God had other ingredients to make it work.  Although a half-finished product it wasn’t completely fulfilled the way he wanted. God plans are strategic he has a reason even if we don’t understand them!  

My car was flowing on fumes for years because I ran out of gas while things that were suppose to flow naturally refusing  to shift, so my life was wasting and pulling things in wrong gears and  waiting on the changes for others to get in line to help me. Many times it doesn’t necessarily has to be you God is zooming in on… often it is the people in your life who refuse to do the will of God. 

Delayed disobedience will  hold things up to the point  until it all falls apart.   Scrambling comes and then a state of panic because the car has stopped with loads of problems because of ignoring existing situations didn’t help the journey but hindered the progression. What use to move has now completely stopped so that we as human beings can adjust and assess the damages because of delayed obedience… and it’s still disobedience. 

Although, I meant well by going on anyway when I was abandoned or felt the sense of no support I go on anyway. I had been doing it this way for so long but not this time… it still fell apart this mission required something else this time. I knew in my heart something wasn’t coagulating like it should I do my part. It wasn’t the fact that I didn’t have patience  I immediately discerned that grace and mercy was lifting and it was time other blockages hindered the missions.

People do what they want without God instructions… His response doesn’t always agree with ours. That is why so many need a hundred signs from God. God will mess  up human  understanding…The truth we love to blame the devil when all we have to do is make wise decisions.

God will bring it to a  complete stop for us to make some decisions about what one decided to do instead of walking it out on “faith” and  making the sure the necessary shifting is adequate.  Instead of moving we make excuses and say …not now! This entails throws everything out of  order !

Remember Jonah… he brought storms and had to be thrown off the ship…God wanted him off the boat!

I know some might come away with I need to wait on God… No, God said I had been waiting too long waiting for others to shift while you have already prepared for the changes!