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PLEASE COME AND GET YOUR  ADULTS OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!!!  Trust me I know that more than half is telling lies anyway or have some sort of narcissism behavior. Let me tell you what got me hot under the collar.  Bullyingj-371x480

I had to take a few days before sharing my personal  story about the seriousness of cyber bullying by the gangs over 40 even on Face Book.  

I recently discovered that a family member had been harassed and bullied on Face Book and she didn’t even have an account on Face Book. When I found out the depth of the ignorance of the people on her job… I tried not to lose it. 

The icing on the cake was… in fact that she was being bullied by adults 50 and over including her boss  and never shared how bad it was getting with me.   

Social media is a wonderful tool  for many things but when you have  immature adults still acting up and putting all  their drama business, bullying and posting someone else’s  business out for the world to see  I have to ask …I guess the more attention to the nonsense the better. 

A beef with whom? What happened to face to face adult conversation and intellectual dialogue? Is it possible?

Today  many get  online and go ape on anyone just for kicks the most unfortunate part about all of this.  It goes to show you what is more important today.

Seriously…when adults can’t stop name calling and licking each other….I have to ask who has that kind of time?…No wonder the families of today are headed for more trouble. Very little human contact!  

 A serious cry for help! 

Is it too much to ask for grown folks to grow up? What’s the matter with you when you can’t go anyplace without bringing all the baggage of negative behavior ?  Some of you people  actually hate to see you coming because it’s always going to be a messy situation. When you are about to get AARP and still can’t accept the face the fact that it’s time to get a life and stop posting nastiness about others. It speak volume  It’s sad when people  still haven’t learned to talk to people with respect.  The power of life and death is in your mouth!  

You know what had to recently and finally come to grips with… Is that we have a lot of ignorant, messy and immature grown folks on the planet. Some my God… are married and have the nerve to be someone’s parent with such immature behavior.  Do we have  wonder why dysfunction is rebirth and rebooted?…

And the madness continues. No matter how much I have matured physically and or mentally. The biggest challenge and I believe always be is dealing with gown folks who just can’t grow away from the foolishness and the messiness.  I know that when you have adults who can’t seem to get away from negative behavior.   I am still trying to process when you are half of a  hundred where do many find time to keep the drama going.

Ministry can be quite difficult but it’s something that I know God called and commission me to be in. It’s  a natural but it’s when you have deal with people who still lack some sense of value and some home training.

The operative word just might be  “training”. It’s sad in America when this kind of behavior is still going on…. It’s not what you do in this world that is truly difficult. For myself , even in ministry it’s dealing the maniacal, immature adults!