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Thanks to everyone for  your outpouring support and love during some tough storms last week. My heart was overwhelmed with the love and sincere concerns for those who continue to stand with me. It’s true, I have lost a considerably amount of weight which l can’t lose anymore weight …

Overall  my appetite has increased just a little.  I  am doing a lot better than I thought I would be… Considering! 

I know more than anyone the power of prayer.  Prayer really sustains you no matter what especially in the tough times.  I thank God for the “special few” who ministered and prayed with me privately! 

And for those who of you who have continuously stuck by me no matter what it is … I need you more now than ever!  Thanks for allowing me to sob on your shoulders and just listen to me even if I am crying! (LOL)

I can’t express my special love for some  “Golden Seniors”  of St. Sabina who have  checked on me on a regular.

To everyone I  continuously need your prayers as I begin another phase of the journey in private and with my ministry…God is taking me “higher” than I ever been before but not without some sacrifices!  

It’s all good but it’s intimidating and it’s new… I might add!  I am going to be even better!

After being in a holding pattern… It’s time to move forward!

Keep me before God as I continue to do his will and not my own!

1)Working on my book

2) My new move soon

3) And some other announcements I will share  before 2016