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I can recall going to school picking out on the list all the foods that wasn’t loaded with additives and preservatives. We weren’t overweight. We could go out for recess. Physical activity was a requirement. Art was a requirement. Music was a requirement. I “mostly” had wonderful teachers who cared.

I thank God I went to very good schools growing up. Everyone I knew had part-time jobs. ‘From working at the neighborhood grocery store, yard work,  the neighborhood babysitting gigs… That steady stream of  small income to buy your own things that you wanted.

I look at our l poor children today… no real options and very little opportunities. I noticed immediately the lax for learning. I show children you still have to learn things computer savvy or not… Learning is still a requirement.  I can’t understand too much what’s going on with our Educational System today…It’s becoming a blur.  The constant negotiations to pay an educators blows me.  And I will agree, we have some that could careless about educating our children and it shows!  If it’s all about passion of educating our children… why is  the lack of money always involved? Nothing could have sadden me more to see Educated professionals…

I guess?  Taking kick backs and giving boost up all in the name of greed. We consistently overlook that the jails are getting full with educated people. We can’t trust the school year. We really shouldn’t have to struggle to every give teachers better pay. And I mean for those who are dedicated to the profession. I have seen the lack of concern to educate our children in many ways. Parents should always be involved in their child’s education. We continue to let the greedy politicians ride out on personal agendas even at the expense of throwing our children under a bus. Many talk the talk but I see mass confusion when they decide it’s time to speak up and speak against. Our children are at poor reading and mathematical skills.  There are other courses in education which brings that balance even the Arts.  When children have a better schedule they adapt normally socially.  Where is the real hunger in our children? Instead those who have mishandled our children and their monies to educate is a crying shame and a total disgrace!

The desecration didn’t start in the school-house it first starts in the homes with values and structure! We are absent of more than the demolishing of schools we have to get involved or there will be nothing else to tear down but each other.

I think I can live large with a clean conscience more than have all the money in the world.