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I met First Deputy Superintendent, Al Wysinger during a Peace March when he was first hired as First Deputy Superintendent.  Polished from head to toe.  Always a dapper in his style of fashion. I had to discuss how he was going to march in those “expensive” shoes. thTPFB731R

He and I agreed he nor I  didn’t wear shoes that hurt our feet…

We laughed about the importance of keeping our feet together. No matter how good you look your feet control  the atmospheres.

With all the bad press about police officers I found him to be outstanding in a way he presented himself. No nonsense!  And I joked with him… because he reminded me of the actor Samuel L. Jackson who by the way… I love!

I liked him instantly and we connected. That matter to me because he wasn’t a fake or a flake… just down to earth!

Mr. Wysinger a very charismatic,  touchable guy,  just has a way about himself, that you gravitated and that was touchable as an officer and a gentleman

He finally retired from the Chicago Police Department and leaves on a high note.  I am not sorry to see him retire because I prefer for all who has served us well in law enforcement… get to relax and enjoy  lots of years  outside a high stress level job today.  I know it might be a new transition but I am very elated that he retired safely!thM4JNSM47

We will continue to pray for him… his protection, his wholeness and great health and prosperity. Thanks for your service…God Bless!