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I went to the grocery market two weeks ago and I met an older gentleman who saw me outside from the car getting some sun. He has half-way reluctant to come near me because I had walk away to just breathe away from the noise.  He asked if he could give me something.  I am not a Jehovah Witness sprinter.  I sometimes listen to what they are witnessing about and I don’t discourage them but it is often a time I allow people to show me where they are and then God moves within me a comforting word for them.  For the oddest reason they love for me to minister to them.  I know when people see they go the other way. I don’t this is also my opportunity to share prophetic insights each time they are taken back because we actually like what each has to say… 

And I KNEW…THAT HE KNEW… I  was tired and a bit weary… And then he gave me the ultimate word… God used this man. He then begin to share with me what happens to your loved ones when they get ill. He smile and opened his bible and we before he could read it…  One of my favorite verses that God reminds me when I am challenged!  

Jeremiah 29:11 

I said it quietly under my breath and tried not to cry… thED9Z46N8

He and I both was having a moment he was down because he had been rejected for witnessing… but I thanked him for being a witness. I told him that if anyone didn’t get a blessing that I did from him. I told him his entire purpose for the day was to minister to me.  He was so taken back.. he thanked me for allowing me to listen to him. This made a huge difference in his life. He smiled God had lifted his heart, all because I embraced him to minster to me.  Let me share what I learned a long time ago because I have been rejected a lot in my life.  I would have missed God judging that gentlemen but instead I allowed him to grow. What do I mean? I didn’t have my mouth wrong about what he believes. In fact, he gave me the same chapter and verse and what harm can be done.  I learned in this walk immediately that everyone doesn’t love God and there are some will despise you because  you walk with God!

My level of compassion for others is different and I know it.  It’s not because I am perfect and that I have it all together because I really don’t. This come with difficult trials and challenging tribulations.

I brag on God and not what I want others to thing that I am. Certain things have to go in order for the Glory of God to shine in your life. People use the lip service and just the like Pharisees of today it’s not from the heart it’s all what appears be in public but it’s not who you are in private.  I learned immediately it’s easier being myself and transparent with people. I can’t afford to cut any corners, it’s really time out for the faking it until you make it.  If this is all that I got then this is all that I have.  I can’t impress people with my speech, and materialism… Because I have to live the life I preach and sing about! You can only fake it for so long and then the real you arrives.  It doesn’t mean I pull out my bottom drawer out to be used as ammunition in the wrong hands because people will use what they “think” they know against you! This is a post of encouragement but it’s one of faith. There will be a time when you have to shift to see another level of greatness in your life. It’s look scary I know…but sometimes you have to close your eyes… and envision that next level you have no idea about. 

When it’s time for the upgrade in your life. Sometimes God will downsize to rebuild. Think about that?  God has to sometimes get you alone and remove people, places and stuff for you to make some conscious decisions about your destiny. Everyone can go with you…And during “upgrade and promotion”… You will be surprise and what God prunes from you because it might be the very things blocking you!  When we are clingy to stuff often times when things are removed with get the clarity. Its called interference.  And I warn often times God changes things on us and we are not ready and we fear it. We have full panic and anxiety attacks because the ground underneath us is shaking… I have been here too many times and I still quake in my boots! The best seasoned warriors for God gets scared… And don’t believe the lies… Satan has something that will make you squeal like a pig. The most courageous “move being afraid”thKNAMY0H6

God will always give you the correct people and the right messenger to confirm he its time to step up… The setback is to be set up and you can never see God’s best until he shuts the door of what use be.  To be on time!

God sends a new set of  Generals … On purpose to be there with you physically to say…YOU CAN MAKE IT BECAUSE A SUCCESSFUL END WAS ALREADY PREDICTED… AND PROMISED!