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th5AT52B5DEVERYONE is  going through something. Doesn’t matter what your status is in life…Life will continue to happen… I know it might look a little murky but remember…God has a plan already in place and a” Blessing ” with your name ON IT!!! Although it’s already done we get people “stuck” in just theology and lack common sense.  All it takes is movement.  

GOD DOESN’T MOVE WHEN IT’S CONVENIENT BUT WHEN IT’S sometimes UNCOMFORTABLE. God will move when it’s time and not according to your plans

Many quote faith without works is dead…Add this to common sense when it comes to every arena of your life.  If you don’t act, you wont receive.

Some of us can go beyond Godly measure but we too familiar with being familiar with what we can touch and see. That uncomfortable feeling means sometimes this is what it’s going to take.., Red Sea moments in our lives require that we move even if we are afraid of the unknown.

If God gave it to you… Reach out, and reach up to claim it …Other wise you can lose it by no fault of the devil but of your own fear!  You don’t need another sign or another confirmation…All you need is courage, strength and wisdom. Wisdom because many people continue to ask God for different things without changing their positions. 

You can’t be a catcher and  your position is  first basemen!

But here is the thing when most people miss it. Waiting on God when God has already done it.  We are out of the will of God when we delay obedience of faith.

 There is nothing like getting a package and never claiming it and .  And many are angry with God when it’s their lack of faith  move out of the comfort zone..

If you don’t claim it… you can never possess it!