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WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT A FOOL…HE OR SHE TENDS TO WONDER WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF ME if I was to stand for the TRUTH” A coward goes for the crowd, and money!

People like this is about self and popularity. 

Because  …the truth is whether you have a “halo” over your head, wings sprouting from your back or horns out of your head (devil) There will be a fall out. It’s really boils down to whether you want to be known as shady or bringing the sunshine to the darkness

When it comes to politics in Chicago. You have to ask is it experience that the city is looking for or crooks? If you got a spine and tell the truth look out…you will be hated! thTPFB731R

 No matter what I think “hard truth” is never face and that’s why there is this influx of criminal behavior. Although you can bring “video footage” of the truth. There will be upset in the city. 

I have done the community meetings which some are just full of it. You can bag it because it just smells bad! 

I watch how people bend over backwards… to do this or do that. They “eye” the power and try diligently to  get into the alliances of who can make it happen for them. I sit back and see the “foolishness” of wanting the power.

The big machismo!!!

When you see the craziness of the immature behavior and one doesn’t like the other… “jealousy”  and thirst for power  is what really runs the room.  If you want to see some of the most educated, bone headed…elitist, and a few other things watch all of them go to blows about nothing and do nothing. 

Chicago has had leaders  that were and still are… bona-fide con men, no one complained…The city went down the tubes. You dare not question the powerful pharaohs…just swallow!

Yet, let change and the reality about what has to be done…They want your job! Unfortunate getting a job in Chicago is not even based on performance sometimes they just don’t like you. The more you  “lies” you embrace the more acceptance.

The murky behaviors doesn’t just extend in the politics but the pulpits as well.   There are some will juggle their momma in front of a fast-moving bus to get what they want. You have arrived especially if you king or queen camera whore. And this move irritates me to no end because nothing isn’t getting any better but pride and egos grow larger.

No one can make me dislike someone all because it’s personal but what are they doing to make it better is the overall picture?  Your experiences to a handle, cease and desist  wont be judged. It’s their “stupid” like me game meter that is being read.

How many times have I been disliked based on my power to command a room? Not because of what I say, it’s who I am armed with the  WISDOM FIRST… facts and the truth that intimidates many! I am not in bed with Chicago’s game players!  I am NOT  laughing if it’s not funny… I only scratch If I’m itching!

I don’t want to call you or have lunch with you if there is no real quality purpose. If I know your game and I have already sized up your mess I don’t even bother looking at you. What amazes me at how people play the games and build nests in the heads of God’s people. Religious leaders,  and not Relationship leaders…there is a difference…Don’t even let me go there!

Some of you are attached to the most demonic people and call yourselves men and women of God. I Don’t buy it!

Folks in Chicago, rub this and forgive me… kiss things they shouldn’t. Yes, I am different and I thank God he delivered me from “PEOPLE”…To tell the truth and love and I pray you GROW UP!

 If you are bringing the truth and nothing but I have to respect that. But when I know that you are full of it. I don’t waste my time clergy or otherwise. And don’t tell me that’s how it is. NO, that is what Chicago accepts!!!

Snakes and snake oil is a proven weapon against the people who know the truth and maintain character with the heavy hits coming from the disgruntled power pushers and power trippers. Some leaders are getting paid just not make too much noise. They could care less about the people in Chicago. Everything is on shakedown including the family pet. Many that I use to know I no longer respect…always bent over and the devil dances on the their backs. No one is really a friend but more like JUDAS! When they want you out they conspire behind your back…because you forgot the Vaseline.

They can embrace lies and more crooks because their janky agendas are being handled and more limelight power. Who came up with this stupidity? Illinois and Chicago especially better wake up… Your life is a game for many of them.  They are dishonest in their presentation. Some are  doing more than patting backs…  Other than that… Many shake hands with devil and pray no one finds out…but eventually all is REVEALED!

My assignment in life is not to get to HOLLYWOOD from Chicago.  Power and prestige isn’t character development. It’s the heart condition that makes you who you are… I hear all the fancy clichés and loads of crap spewing from the mouths of the opportunists…We better open up our eyes, study the people who does all this talking and this Robin Hood mentality … it’s who they are when no one is looking that is dangerous!