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The bible shares the story of Jacob who wrestled with an angel all night. He wanted the best from God. So, it all begin!  Jacob’s name means “deceiver” and “grabber”.  To possess what he wanted he cut more than corners and con more people but he had the litigated gall to wrestle with God. His reputation wasn’t that swell.

He was a con, a manipulator and a big liar. (Genesis Chapter  32) Although, Jacob’s history of being everything but upstanding. He was bold enough to go against the angel of the Lord to take possession… and had a limp to prove it.   A limp is something that disfigures the natural walk. It interrupts!  A limps keeps you out of balance and unstable.  Jacob’s history is one of many struggles. Yet, he was determined!!! 

 Jacob determination caused him a permanent hip injury! Something inside of him had FIGHT.  He had been fed up with life and it’s struggles to maintain what he believe brought him some sense of well-being and comfort! 

Fear and discouragement grips all of us. If this hasn’t happened keep living the right thing will come down your street. Jacob had to finally come to grip with his madness and way of doing things. There will be a time in your life you will have confront things in your life even if it’s FEAR! 

Running away will bring that very thing you are running from in your face and personal. We have issues but in our westernized customs many things are taught without wisdom and the onset of what we never had to confront. Ignoring things wont make them go away but set you up for my heartache in the end!  People get addicted to things including church because they feel it might be easier to hide but in the long haul you will be met with the wall so that you can have the power and authority to take it down! Whatever those walls now is to tell God bring it down…

Limps are scars that you have experience something in your life to disfigure you. Jacob was determine and he got desperate to get “the Blessing… His determination changed his name…because he held on!!! That’s good news!


Father, in Jesus matchless name…I pray that whatever any person is going through and it’s time…enough is enough…if it’s fighting for your peace, health, your marriage, finances or any challenge in your life. Be determined not to let go… In Jesus Name….in agreement… The Father, The Son and the HOLY SPIRIT….Amen!