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I was speaking with another minister she was expressing her anger towards a lot of issues in her church from bad behavior to open affairs. One member  in particular of her church she believes is abusive toward her children.  She expressed how everyone see the abuse towards her children and  no one seems to care or nothing is really done.  

To me her position wasn’t quite clear  either but I knew that there was something else but I stayed quiet and let her go for what she “thought” she knew!

 I asked her well, how did she feel about what she sees and what was her Pastor’s stance on all of it?

The moment of truth arrived like it always does…Talking loud but ain’t saying nothing.   Her Pastor counseled the woman but no one can’t seem to come to grips about making the call to get the children out of the home. At this point I felt that thing in my gut…I knew she was full of it too. Watch out for these recurring rebuttals when integrity and character is missing in the church house.

We don’t judge people…Okay, the bible that she fails to  study and read expresses…That the house of God  will be  judge first.. ( 1Peter 4:17, Revelations chapter 2,and 3  ) good, or bad and everything in between. These are always cope out rebuttals when they are too spineless to stand up for  what they say they believe in.

The other excuse , these are grown people what can I do? Well, you can’t control folks behavior but the church should set a tone for what is suppose to be a ground of safety with at least some good manners. People can’t trust the church because the church has issues with the truth.  Abuse and bad ministries, horrible staff and lack of interpersonal skills will set the church up for failure. Yes, you can be big in numbers in money and members and your church is still no indication that God is pleased with it!

 I lost all respect for her at that point because I knew she did just like many in the church today.  Talk about the people and will only serve the people she liked.

Although she said, she didn’t want to judge.  She didn’t try to find out what might be the problem is either.  It requires something. Too many teach the church to run instead of stand.   It was some else’s problem when I asked what is she going to do.  Of course, she begin to get irritated with me. She like many others…do all this talking about how bad it is…follow weak leadership, and she is too passive to do anything about what’s happening. 

What God are people serving being passively  and being duped with generational  church membership? Unfortunately people stay in their prospective churches because that might be the only place they can stay with their mess! A 30 year member in a church means nothing to God if there is no “genuine service” to him and a true heart for serving his people. The church is full of people who puts on shows…

Too many people get caught up in being in place that is familiar and too comfortable and doesn’t require that you grow in God but front with the stuff. There is no  growth and forget spiritual maturity  that doesn’t come in a class… This comes with experience in walking with God. 

Ignorance is killing our people!

Well she expressed she had been in the church a number of years and I was blown away with the “ignorance” of it all. Okay, what does your number of years have to do with witnessing abuse on every level? 

She then went on “rambling” and it made no perfect sense. I knew what it was all about with her. That annoyed me easily because I see this kind of foolishness on daily. thPNZ9VRD3

We see so many things and wont put a stop to it because it takes you out of your comfort zone. No, it’s not easy but God will hold every one of us accountable.  The church numbers are tanking and I absolutely understand why? You are not standing up to anything. It’s so easy to be posted up on your social media page like you are changing to course of history but God knows what’s in every person’s heart and what’s it al about.  Many are looking to be popular in ministry this is how I can discern quite easily whose serious and whose playing the games. 

What is challenging and pain wrenching is for ministers like myself who can’t skip over things and ignore that many things in our places of worship are neglected.  I myself have been disenchanted with jelly back leaders who run game because of foolish sheep!    Here is the brainwashing, of many people who attend church. 1) Everything is allowed to come to church and that’s okay coming to church is the initial step but  not the only step.

2) Come and stay as long you believe in what God said the church is supposed to stand for.

Rules and regulations might be okay if they applied to everyone. A torrid danger if you ask me that there is always “certain” rules for certain people. right is right, wrong is wrong. Legalism and man-made doctrines have dangerous side effects.

Someone can’t often see God riding with man’s rules it becomes confusing because many aren’t practicing what they preach.  If you believe in the bible that’s the mirror. The subtle tactics through this is manipulation,  and controlling . You might be in my church but you wont be ruining it or running it with demonic natures. Today, I can’t express enough the danger of our churches bellowing out because of the passivity to stand up for something. I can’t believe the mindset of most people that attend church. They will contribute a few hours like Charlie Manson’s groupies but when the true rubber meets the rode it’s all for show.

There is no real aggression to be better or do better  in God because HYPOCRISY AND DEMON BREEDING IS WIDE OPEN. Many have lost credibility with God because of compromise and the neglect to do what he orchestrated. The danger of any religion is their “gods” and that might include ones self. Everyone isn’t crazy  it’s no illusion, too many evil things upfront and right in our faces and we send the rebuttal group to try to patch up the damages. How can any church heal anyone with any line of open sin and abuse?

Yet,  I have seen so many make excuses for surrounding themselves with the imps of the church. Passivity is a weapon in the church. Where God is there is real freedom or liberty.

The church has dumb down and has no self respect, no authority and forget power.   There are lots of people  people like myself wont take the church  serious until we get leaders with spiritual heart operations to be the Psalm 51… and have the spiritual backbone to be a physical  voice in the wilderness…not a recorded voice!