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On one hand its alright to ride or die.  The next minute you have bona-fide leaders committing crimes and you make excuses with bible verses.  Yes, we are human but we just need to come clean. We tell our children it’s okay when we co-sign on what’s right for a second but they see what you are connected to and then you justify it by saying you are the adult.

I wonder? More times than most today children have more common sense than their parents!

We show our children it’s okay to be deceptive, lie, manipulate to get what you. You can be a pimp and player and be the head of ministries in church. You can tell lies because they see their parents play the game. It’s okay bully folks…because mother is a busy body. It’s okay to say or do different things just don’t do it in church.  

Sadly, I have seen parents out of sheer jealousy turn their children vehemently against people.  They know what to say to get in a child’s head!

Why are we so amazed at  why so many young people are so angry and violent?  It’s okay for Papa to be a rolling stone because we lack teaching them how to be strong men and responsible fathers. Men do the girl calling in church in front of our impressionable young males watching skirts and cutting your eyes in the wrong direction. Yes, your children can see Daddy is lusty.  How in the world can you train your children to respect anyone when the parents teach them that it’s alright to be a fake and a liar.

You want our sons to be men but send them to training camp on how to a whore and get away with it. You abuse their mother in every aspect of abuse and you wonder why our children are so messed up. You disrespect the first queen in their lives with your lack of responsibility to maintain an upstanding household.  I watch this craziness on a regular and very few advocate holding families together with love and respect. How much can one get from Jesus when there is no genuine concern for the family well-being?  Many leadership whore around and this is really where God is getting disenchanted with the foolishness of the day. Yes, there is special curse for abusing God’s business with the nothings of the day!

 We send mix messages all the time and the weapon of our choice seems to be with a bible. Young people are not feeling your hypocrisy yet, what kind of signals to we give our young people.  Mid life crisis bring devastation when Dad or Mom puts away a future and go with some a pipe dream. No thought into how this will affect his their family lives. 

I was reminded to never say never but in some instances I think we should have some level of boundaries not to go even with some level of decency and self respect.

Does it mean that I have to get down to my bare bottom? I strip for Jesus? All this other nonsense and no seems to speak up about the hypocrisy coming from the church. 

 I am not understanding the thirst for money as a Christian and stooping to whopping lows and call it art or reaching the masses. I am not confused by what I proclaim to be. 

The moral decay in this country is tanking and spiraling so far off the cuff . Tyler Perry wasn’t the first man to dress in drag… Lets start with Flip Wilson, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. It’s weird how many said this degraded men.

Yet, we have  so-called Christian women  allowing themselves to  be seen posted up in questionable in positions and sexual gestures and this is what our children is  exposed to. We define art with expression today but no moral value. It’s justified  this kind of behavior especially if it’s someone you might like …when money is involved or others want your money.  

Television is going all the way there . I might be called a real grandmother but our children are exposed too means awful things. We are losing respect because there really is a lack of respect.  Our line of defense is maintaining strong family values and structure . Too many physical adults act like children…  grow up and act like the adults leave the selfishness behind.  Parents you can’t work forever and maintain a solid family foundation. 

How disturbing it is that he family can’t sit at the dinner table! Have some moral decency and  not put your bad business in front of the children and you wonder why many join gangs! The destruction of the family starts with adults making bad decision.  Raising children is tough but allowing them to run buck wild is going to be tougher. Set self-respect in order…it will comeback a hundred fold! 

Sincerity, honesty,  being genuine and a parent will open the door for a child to trust you!