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The black and brown community believes the church is cure-all but it isn’t. Sometimes in the church might be what depresses you. We love substituting healing with fantasies. In reality pain is pain.  Many substitute their lives with other addictions and church could be one of them. Not going home and dealing with reality is more than a shot in the arm. I know that many roots for healing is the truth.

A young lady came over for dinner two weeks ago. I was having a lot of issues myself and I was already  mentally tired. She was contemplating suicide because she felt that there was nothing to live for.  My heart ached when I heard her story, but it took my mind off of my own pain…

A story that is  not  so unfamiliar but one that is continuously told. 

Her father died and she was left with the other side of the  family from hell. I understood! Although she has relatives there was no connectivity and they could really care less.

She has a great profession and works downtown  Chicago but her best part of her life is when she has dinner with us.  

Sadly, this is a reality for many of us.  All because we come from huge families and it looks great from the outside doesn’t mean some people wont struggle with loneliness and are bleeding from a place that is often not visible. Some people can’t handle being alone but choose to surround themselves with others that might be a temporary comfort but in the long run it’s a dangerous place to be. When you hand your affairs and allow to many people who can see you are the walking wounded and take advantage.  I have seen well off people become poor trusting people when their hearts are lonely.

We can be surrounded with people and still feel lonely.  I refuse to act and speak all the clichés’ .  Sometimes we will get lonely and  we can be vulnerable in this state.

 I remember when my grandmother shared with me how lonely she was , this disturbed me…  OUR FAMILY IS HUGE. She had lots of children and too many grandchildren but her heart was lonely. She looked forward to when I would visit and sit with her with her for the day and bring dinner for days so she is okay.  It made a difference in what she looked forward to.  My grandmother battled depression… After too many deaths including her husband and lost children on after the other.  I saw  “grandmother” sit in the cold for hours which hurt me deeply until  I need that “cold air” to brush on my face after some setbacks of my own.

You can be the top celebrity, possess a great profession, or can be the most educated and or wealthy.  Human emotions are apart of being a human being. Bouts of depression can strike anyone. I have had my share of it and other people who say they know “Jesus” lie about it. When your heart is deeply hurting it can become difficult to tell others just how bad you feel.

th5WXZVHVZI was so deeply sadden to her about Freddie Gray’s mother  Gloria Darden, her son died during a spinal injury in police custody. who tried to commit suicide. Depression and loneliness can take you to some dark places.

It happens… We have to take authority over our flesh and what it wants.  People often think that money will make you happy…but only go so far.  You can be in a blizzard knowing that you have someone you can sometimes physically be with or talk too helps!  Suicide is on the rise because of people who feel so along during those life happen moments.  Some people care in name only but there is something about the heart when it connects with someone who really cares.

It’s uplifting!

Loneliness can be conquered through prayer that God sends the right people in your to make a difference!  God is with you no matter what. The harsh reality in this life you will suffer some heartache.  Surviving the storm of loneliness is surrounding yourself with LIFE. Everything doesn’t breathe life into you but can suck the life out of you.  

When I get low I help someone and surround myself with genuine love. I have to encourage myself. God can help you through any crisis I am a living witness.

As far as being alone I have done it for many years and God sustained me and he always send the right person to be with me and encourage especially when I need that lift.