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My mother, was a woman who many consider an odd bird because she just let people talk and didn’t fall prey to jaw jackers and subtle deceptions of people.  She was quiet by nature but witness some things in her life to put the brakes on traditionalism… I was told  “traditions” die many deaths…That speaks volumes today!  My “mom” let me know upfront. See things for yourself not because one does it.   I live this day by it.  I pay attention not so much of what you are saying it what one produces and who they really are.

It works!

I can recall my former Pastor many years ago who I just adored had a way of showing God’s people just how easily duped they are.  He was Italian, and he played some “Opera” for us one Sunday. People were cheering and just doing what they do being phony. He asked how many of us loved the music and there was a show of hands.  He said, although the music sounded great we had no idea what was actually being fed to us. 

Then he had given the  English interpretation to the song…The Opera Singer…was sandblasting all of us and calling us all kinds of names and a bunch of fools. It was a prank!  I laughed so hard, that I couldn’t get it together. People actually got angry. They felt he made a fool out of them in church. No…  His message was quite simple… He was merely showing us how easily we follow things on senses. And how we  think we are enjoying life living a lie and live a lie for years because of ignorance and that we have no knowledge about including God.

He said  religious people are often fed things without knowing and so they  go along with every unsound doctrine and without mere common sense but goes with what feels good and with what  resonates with the flesh

How many have honestly “capitalized” on the  pseudo Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream is almost sickening. I hear so many actually believe that they are walking in his foot steps but leave a trail of manure along the way.  And they know that ignorant people will follow the game and that’s why it’s played. I hear people talk the talk but very few really understand the threat of freedom because many actually play it safe. 

People are afraid to the tell the whole truth and nothing but in fear of the backlash and the none populous it brings. The other nonsense about  what our people need because it will vary from house to house. Without a vision people perish and never said a leader.

We place too much stock in the game players that build nests in the head of God’s people. Stuff I can’t believe that many buy into. Just like the lies of Hitler it doesn’t take long to deceive people once they find that right hook people follow other leaders out of laziness to think for themselves. I don’t trust it and I have learned to do my homework! Everything  you belive outside the box frightens people because they went along with the people

When Dr. King’s Day I arrives… I am elated for the review of history where it went wrong and were is stayed right. We are fed but is anyone really paying attention?

The downside is the  horse and pony acts I can do away with. False prophets don’t necessarily mean that what they said never happens but its the deceivers that  feed you just enough truth and then bait you end with more lies..

Everyone climbs aboard not with the celebration of actually tackling anything but the greater human goods and services that should be on a regular. 

Many have found their nitch when they can make money pretending that they followed “The DREAM”… and I have to ask what dream is that? Although we have more technology and information like never before still there are the lies about both Malcolm X and Martin King.   Malcolm X. whom I believe was a very wise men undoubtedly had to have his eyes open to the lies and subtle deception of making anyone their “personal”  Messiah. 

People mention the “Son of God” and trying to emulate all his ways unsuccessfully because their hearts are not really there.  How many are actually prepared to do a walk out on their immediate traditions and religion?  It’s a scary move because it requires that you take away what you thought and come away with the truth.  Our nations buys into materialism inside religion. Christ saw how the church house was being used as  a market place and much hasn’t changed. It’s ego and pride all the way. How can you really have peace standing up with the liars of today?

Dr. King was flawed human being just all of us. Yet, many say what he stood for means everything to them. And I have to ask what is it that you came away with?  His dream  or the dream to make money in the name of God and a few good services. This doesn’t make you a Dr. King follower. You can’t really follow what you don’t believe.

thT0LWESIMCon artist activism is still alive and well from the podium to the pulpit.  Malcolm X. just came out with it and he banished from the kingdom of the dream because he was honest and redemptive.  Malcolm X.  might have been more hated but he wasn’t a fake!  His cutting edge had the truth and their was no room for passivity and playing games! He reflected a life of discipline and self-respect. Like it or not. He wasn’t trying to pretend to others what his service was but he wanted us to beware aboudt the wolves that prayed with us and those “preyed” on us and that ignorance was destroying our people…

Nothing wrong here!

 It doesn’t necessarily means many are sold out to what they believe in and some have made a “mockery” of  Kings’ dream without integrity and character.  People suck up the fantasy because it looks like it, it smells like, it talks like it.  In all  honesty too many don’t have a clue but just have people following blindly without sincerity and credibility.  Many leaders ride some lines I know the bible teaches against it.  And have all of their rebuttals in place and well rehearsed.

I know that everyone doesn’t believe in the bible but false religion and dangerous traditions  smorgasbord their lives with a few chapters and verses here and there and skip  have true compassion and a relationship with God on the real. 

I learned quickly about the danger of allowing people to try to pick me off because I’m quiet in nature.  Deceivers come as angels of light and never forget that. You can’t be unless you know!  Many of them have no clue all you really have to do…is look at the fruit they actually bear and stop talking yourselves out of seeing people for who they really are!