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Unfortunately, the lesson isn’t getting learned in this country. The blatant hypocrisy in this country amazes me.  Ben Fields name will ring out in America for just a little while. Just like George Zimmerman.  Yet, the teenager in Spring Valley High School… isn’t and wont be the last who have been abused in some manner upfront and on a camera. The talking heads will talk until this dies  down! Everyone has seen a level abuse and they have yet to talk about it unless is rings something for them to talk about. That’s always seem to happen… A lot of talking!thHD93J8N6

One reason why I am relentless about exposing abuse OF ANY KIND… My personal struggles of  abuse by people and systems and no one said nothing or did thing to protect me.  What commission me to continue to ride out on people and systems because I know from experience that people are tricky  when it comes to money, power, greed, religion, and race. Each one has a set of rules that doesn’t seem to apply to everyone.  In the meantime people “capitalize” on the pain of others by pretending to care and be of concern. I find it hard to believe when one can’t seem to resonate the troubles at their own personal doors. There is nothing worse talking to someone who has been beaten by people and or systems. 

I am not going to give a lot of fuel on just Mr. Fields.  How many act the same way within our race, religion and no one says one word?

I think the most damage comes in it’s not such much of the act of being hurt, maimed, abused or the loss of life is when people are silent.  The collateral  damage comes in when the abuse or the death could  have been avoided if people would have  stepped up to say enough, is enough.

It’s amazing when there is monster on the loose, no one has the courage to say a word. All the talking heads in the country will begin having this discussion all over again. Up until the video surfaced someone knew he had anger issues.  People hand out awards all the time because they are worshiped for being creeps!  The reality is when we have to stand up its amazing how many hide and don’t seem to have the courage or get involved. I speak about “bullies” on a regular, because I had been badgered all my life in some form.

Bully children turn out to be bully adults if behavior issues are not addressed. When I see immature adults and people think that’s the way it is…there is something wrong when adults are acting up and throwing tantrums. And when mind can’t seem to developed we like to perfume the stench with lies and excuses. I see this on a regular. It’s a shame and disgrace that many see abuse and talk about it among themselves and never seem to get the guts to expose it!  And get this…some see opportunity in the pain of others.

It’s never really a problem until they are exposed just like Ben  Fields. How many times people have seen abuse of ANY KIND  on their  our own watches and did nothing? In their neighborhoods, community organizations, workplace, school, and even places of worship.  I just recently did a post on someone who suspected abuse and did nothing. Complaining to me about it but wanted to stay out of it because of their  reputation. I have to ask…where is the courage?  There are many battles out here and I’m asking where are the winners in all of this if it continues to happen. 

How often has someone told you that someone was abusing or bullying them and no one did nothing?  I have seen serious situations being shifted to others because they don’t want to deal with it. No one cares until it arrives fully packaged at their doorsteps.

This is blows my mind, when everything comes out the woodwork to then have open dialogue. It’s all a bunch of crap.  Abuse of this kind didn’t start its when people get the really lay down the truth to say and do something. Sadly, in this country, the outpour of support will flood temporarily…It’s will be another story. You want stories I got plenty of them …about abuse and no one is off limited.  Power corrupts… and God forbid when they already lack character. 

Many march with hypocrisy for nonviolence but wont expose the instigators of violence and  the precursors for bad behavior to be ignited.  How are you so non- violent when you can’t speak up for those who are abuse, harassed, and killed on your watch? Fame or fortune doesn’t rally around you when you honestly seek justice.  What draws the magnet of deception is another deceiver. I know that people who are bona-fide truth seekers are not looking for exposure but looking to expose injustice not  to make a profit off it!