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Come as you are is the first lie… You judged us the minute we arrive. Thinking that there is something to hide…How painful this is to make up lies as you go.Refuse to accept that everyone isn’t playing church and love God sincerely!

Second lie…All are welcome…We weren’t welcome. I showed her that God loves her no matter what.  Whatever he disagreed with he is the one that changes the heart. If we leave it up to man…Picks and chooses come first even if they are wrong in their behavior and stance.  God lovers are often picked out to be picked on. People are dissatisfied with what goes on inside the church and  hates the church for its hypocrisy. To follow more man than God laws. Now more than ever I understand why!

Third…We are family… Regardless of how we want to be connected. Even God warned Abraham about his messy family members. To say we are family but in all actuality we are labeled the “black sheep” and ostracized because we love God sincerely. The craziest thing I will tell the world about church is that everything goes on but GOD.

This is speaks volumes. Everyone isn’t my family…and it’s covenant that we become family and most church members have no clue how to be a family because most of them don’t study God’s word….too being a commercial and a posture children for hypocrisy!

I had to come to harsh reality about a family member who had been stressed our on her job and with the bullying.  Being an African-American gay  woman she suffered more than I even understood.  I was so deeply disturbed  and hurt  by others who has issues with her open sexuality. She told me , she wasn’t a Christian and didn’t want to be. She saw the cruelty of others toward her and so did I.  After suffering a lot of abuse by her own. How can you tell one to return to places that brought the most hurt? I had to come to terms with what I subjected myself and her to. 

I was embarrassed by the mentality of every church I had taken her  in.  I taught her how to hug and love again. They called her “mister” because of her looks. They called me names for being with her.  I was labeled and slandered  because I brought my “gay” relative to church.

I  was the one who told her to find a place of worship only to deal with more “religious demons” than ever! And people wondered why we would leave early when I had other engagements because many times they didn’t want her in the woman’s restroom.  They act as is she had some kind of disease. And nothing hurt me more when I heard ministers and other leaders talk about her as if she wasn’t there. How many times we were accused of being lovers and instead of family?  How many times she was harassed for being different?

 I am angry about it… because it’s now she fighting to recover from not just health issues but must undergo therapy to express the deep hurt that she had within.

Something I understand all too well…being  different and interracial… Spanish is a language not a race.   The labels and the pain that come with the race shaming. Being middle-aged the craziness continues and if you ask me it comes more from my own!

I am exhausted from it personally.   I express publicly everywhere I go about growing up being a bullied and always targeted. And to be honest, I thought the church would be the safe haven.  I unbeknownst to me the church has been the worst! No one wants to speak about the hateful cliques in church. No one wants to speak about everything goes on in church but the LOVE OF GOD. How many people speak against it quiet but never have the courage to confront what is inside the messy temples all across America. 

No matter what… the fear and the love of God is absent in many churches today.  It’s all about show and no glow. Yes, you will find trouble in any church. One might excuse irrepressible behavior with this sort of nonsense. But the love of God “should” outweigh the attacks of the devil and not allow satan to run everything to rule!

There are those categories regardless of whether we want to ignore what is in our faces today.   And yet, it disheartening  enough with racism and its put  on you that you must find a category to be placed. under. Straight or gay, black or white, Baptist or Catholic… God doesn’t need the superficial… only man does!