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I met a  African-American woman, who after so many years would look at me for no reason besides being silly would roll her eyes. All of sudden, out of no where she wants me to pray with her and talk with her. I knew she was sent to figure it out. Very much heterosexual she wanted to know that people were spreading rumors about me. And I knew she wanted to sting me with what I she had  heard.   She  tried to make  some insinuations but I came straight out and got her together on who I was, and if I was. Whatever I am and whomever  I am I was never one who had to hide  it, Christian or not! 

A little bruised from my “brutal honesty”  I assured her  I had no identity issues. One thing that was instilled in me was to always be myself whether someone accepts it or not.   I didn’t’ do the two-faced thing and the double life. It’s exhausting!!! I am quite outspoken with the quite demeanor that I have. I don’t have this dire need to connect to just anything and everyone.  I had to learn to love myself.

What I noticed is that all the women she is most comfortable with  were darker skinned women. As soft-spoken as she  appeared to be… I knew all because she quiet in her demeanor. She was actually “hateful”  and  no matter how nice she pretended I knew she was jealous of me.   What she didn’t know I pay attention to  what people attached themselves with.  I paid attention to the jealous crowd because people can get dangerous with this emotion. That’s why I stay basically clear of that kind of foolish nonsense!

 I know..it’s dumb!!!!  Because of my history of dealing with a lot of prejudices and racial hatred.  I saw how she could easily play one roles that I continue to see among women. One way to my face  but be another behind my back. 

Sadly, she fits in with some of  the other ignorant females that  come cross my path. I didn’t want to believe it because I actually liked talking to her but she just couldn’t keep the hate meter down. I knew she  had a problem with color of my skin.

I think it’s time we confront how “ignorant” women will go with the  child’s play and the jealousy? Never and I mean never have I seen so many “insecure” and hateful women ! My mother warned me of the “cattiness” inside of women but never have I witness this caliber of foolish behavior among them even in my older age. 

Yes, I am female and  I try to diligently to keep my distance with anyone who are in some major identity crisis and with the signs of messiness. For one, silly women measure.  They want to size up what they have versus what they “think” you have. When you become so interested in my size of my body parts, and so incensed with my hair. You need to see a therapists!!!

 It’s bad when one pretends to like you and to go as far as to get under my clothes. Ladies it’s time you get a reality check.

I could care less about what you married, what you got on, how long your hair and nails are…how much or how little your money is, how many wigs and weaves you buy, how many men find your posterior end glorious, how powerful you think you are and finally and who you are connected with.  Silly women go here… It’s annoying and I’m tired of dealing with it! I have never seen such a revolution of ignorant women! Yes, I said… When you have to break off like wolves in a pack to take down your prey!

Everywhere I go I am examined from head to toe what’s that all about I have no idea. But, I wanted to believe that as one age maybe maturity and common sense kicks in. I think when anyone decides that they need go under my hat and clothes, I know at this point your ignorance is serious!

Many times I have told the truth about how I roll but I guess no can just be themselves. Often haters, hate you because they are not you.  Women are not talking to me to get to know me but more or less to see what they can uncover some dark secrets I guess. With some women, you can tell that a lot of games went on in order to get what they want never satisfied until the hurt, abuse or maim someone to “reign supreme” in their world. All women aren’t  like this but lately,  My constant warfare is with women who destined to be trap setters to others.

I don’t need to get my “queues” on how to be a lady from anyone including what others would call “beauty icons. …. or mimic any female from her head to her toes. I do what works for me from fashion to the way that I where my hair.  I carry myself in the manner that I was told to be and what others need to come away with… It’s called CLASS…