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thA6867IXGthOUDBPIGXIf you let these surveys and systems, govern our lives we will be fed constant fear. If you surf the internet long enough, you will be dying of everything including eating bananas. Now , I think I have had it.  These experts are not now saying vitamins are not help you if they don’t contain this or that. 

Holistic medicine I stand on it’s in the garden… Our grandparents and generations before then.  They didn’t have all the modern necessities of life today and they lived longer.  Many of them actually ate what they wanted but they were also energetic. That is a key component to really feeling better overall.

 If certain organizations knows that things are killing people or making them ill, why are they allowed to sell it? Oh, I forgot its the American way! If organic is the way to go…Why is it so expensive to live healthy?  They know chemicals are bad but industries sold it to us and we bought into it! Everything that we thought was good not isn’t.  Industries made “eggs” bad that are now good! Think about the flip-flop in any market including these erroneous guides in government. Community affairs… they ride out the fear of the people to get what they want.

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 I have to put the brakes on fear because we are fed lots of it.  If you eat this you will contract this… If you eat vegetables contaminated with manure and pesticides you will have this.  How organic is organic? Sorry, folks but they are getting rich off of FEAR.     I believe in modern medicine and I respect it… But I also believe in listening to my “own” body as well and do my homework. Many people are often misdiagnosed and you get that “oh well” my bad.  

Say What?

Isn’t it strange how they tell us we need this or have so many exams yet, the pharmaceutical industry treat us like test rats have astronomical prices for assisting them in helping us feel our worst.  After you get through paying for all  you medical cost… you might feel even more ill.

The the side effects from medicines are off the meter. And I ask how is the medicine going to make me feel better making me feel half dead?   I see how they are making lots of money sometimes with mind over matter. I remember how when I was first taken ill, how I was at the emergency room at least on an average of twice a week.

  thZU99VB9NUntil finally  a nurse that looks just like the African-American  doctor on Grey’s Anatomy Dr. Miranda Bailey, same height and built.  She had the courage and called me out… She asked… ‘Why am in this emergency room again”? She told me I better not see you here anymore.

After they would check all my vitals and do my blood test…Everything comes back…Alright!  I was having “panic attacks”. A nutritionist also spoke to me and she explained things to me with ease.  It calmed me. I had allow fear of some bad reports stop me from actually believing in. I had to get a grasp on  my life concerning my well-being and health.  

After being fed so much fear and it became stress … I thought I was dying from everything I was on my own and alone.  The stress was doing more of a job than the illness.  I  had to get it together. I had to do my confessions that much more… I had to speak to my body, mind and spirit. 

First, because of my lifestyle, I had to learn to go to bed. Honestly, sleep does wonders. I wasn’t a worry wart, but I would work myself non stop for 14 hours or more with getting by with only a few hours of sleep.  You might be energetic but it wasn’t smart living.  My body let me know you need to take some breaks and get that “S” off of your chest. I couldn’t do it all and I didn’t have all.. I took some of the limits off of God. I wont say all because I have a tendency to go back.  I had to stand courageously but knees still buckled from time to time. After awhile, I knew I had to confront things in my life that I rather run from. I had to make up in my mind somethings “ain’t” even worth it…What’s for me will be for me! I need no affirmation from anyone but God. If God uses people to confirm that’s fine. I spend absolutely no time on being something  I  just can’t be. I am not the answer to everything and everyone and neither are they or it  to me!

I don’t profess ever to have it all together… but I don’t want to live a long life of distress.

When they told me certain fruits wasn’t good for me. I had to stop and say…Dear Lord, I will have what I want in moderation. I do not abuse my body with food, drink and or toxic people. 

People think I lie about this… I cut off toxicity in any manner even if it’s people who “try” to stress me…

Toxicity in  people, places and things can suck the life out of you more than any food or drug!  I see people get all pumped up behind a microphone or podium until realities of what could happen… actually happens. Then the real  “FAITH” is absent. What many tell you they wont believe until it is put under a microscope with God. The test of your true faith.  Faith isn’t logic or you trying to figure it ourselves.

“Many people ride out on  a thousand confirmations from God and others , and still wont move in courage but holding on to  what If…  when the true fact could be just walking it out instead of hiding in fear or making excuses why there is no initial steps to going forward.”

  You can give people the truth and it might not always taste good  but it’s good for you when you have a sense of self and well-being! If its killing you from the inside out… Cut it loose! The real test  in life will be if you want it bad enough, you will seek higher grounds, and will show you where you are and where you think you are? Faith is God’s Blueprint and never yours!!!!