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Here is the truth …And think about this before you answer!   I know that the biggest deceptions are the lies that we sold our souls to.  It might feel right temporarily it’s when the actual walls of your errors come face to face.

Sometimes people often believe that God has spoken  through materialism, and when they think their human flesh has responded to their liking and personal ideologies which often mistaken for theology.  Often times, people can mix the two that’s when it becomes dangerous because people start to believe in anything  instead of God.

In fact, often times it’s when we come to ourselves and realize how much of a target that we really are…And then we are embarrassed, so our “egos’ and pride wont come to the realization that we have made some mistakes.  It’s in this place we need to re-evaluate and assess our human damage!   Denial is the next enemy.  Denial wont allow us to come to grip with truth . There is so much deception in the land today even in ministry! 

People confuse success with  materialism, money and the size of the crowd… The danger of worldly success is measures in public opinions and social media sites today. Which are often the breeding  place for more of “me, myself, and idol worship”…  I pray that your eyes become open.thODPGA3AJ

God calls success when you can be move in the darkness without human safety nets.  We when become vulnerable satan knows it… So he brings all the bells and whistles to keep you hook on NOTHING. Years don’t count with God… He loves the quality of what you bring to him. Obedience wins him…  God knows the measures of success and sometimes they’re  not on trophy selves, picture frames and award ribbons. Accomplishments are elevated in the sight of God …when you can be who you are without the “fronting” AND BE A SERVANT FOR HIM AND NOT SELF-SERVING. GOD KNOWS THE INTENTION OF ANY HEART. It’s not the showing off that God embraces he sees the intent of every agenda that is honestly about him.  The crowd may never know but he knows what is done in secret that will measure his success!

The high place in God is often the low places like laying prostrate and on our knees.  Even when you  get off of  your knees.  We  have power with  honored Godly directions and  not fleshy foolishness.  God doesn’t have us ignorant  about anything.  He reveals messages through his consecrated honest mouth pieces.  And their lives must be in aligned with the truth.  God has never sent any male or female delivering false messages of good news when there is no good news. If you  are in God, you will have a supernatural peace even in the midst of trouble.

What has become so dangerous to God’s people, It is when we find ourselves trying to help God help you…

Man has always been a hindrance to his or her own progression because they have to run the show…Then you have arrived at the city of PRIDE. The enemy know that you are his next prey especially when you are unlearned and uneducated in the things of the Spirit!

And pride comes just before DESTRUCTION! Power in the wrong hands corrupt.  God’s power in the right high bring the greatest success you will ever experience …It’s called humbleness!