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Our condolences to all the victims of violence within the last 72 hours.

I asked God in frustration what can we do? Where are we missing it? Another child senselessly lie in his own pool of blood over ignorant nonsense in Urban America in Chicago. I am terribly disturbed to see anyone that has to go through all stages of grieve and you become stagnated on rebuttals.  I had a difficult time with any murder but when it’s a baby… I grieve and  sob from a different level especially when a child’s body is riddled with bullets.

We know the nonsense… Our communities keep responding the same for a few hours. How can we console anyone when we have to take this spirit by the roots! Why so many profess the power of this or that… I have yet to hear the teaching of character and integrity,..  They are considered dirty words even in the places of worship.  Getting off the soap boxes and get your hands in the fight for real.  The pseudo powers that be…look at me… I am in the fight are yet to be proven.  How can our land heal based on half truths.

I know the community lingo and jargon but the real testing of the  fruit comes out on the tree or the vine!

This attack is demonic… As much as we try to say what is political correct because people don’t understand spiritual forces and principles… A spirit of murder is running rampant. Too many clergy dodge it with attacking people’s job. Chicago can get all new police and headship this won’t change demonic entity that is invading like a plague. I can’t answer like the rest of the world. I know we have to go after this thing with all of our spiritual resources as well.  Anything the advocate true family is always a winner.  God is not shunning man’s effort but the humbleness ahs to come when have to rise up off our knees but we stop downplaying Godly wisdom and strategies to overcome this thing.  And because our priorities haven’t gotten totally screwed up many innocent people including our children are marked!

I know better that’s why my responses are different. Everyone has these foolish cliché. You are not going to just have to deal with how guns are being brought in. How about the mindset of those who has this fascination to play gun smoke with innocent lives.

 A murderer is a murderers whether he or she is gainfully employed, impoverished, educated or non educated. Violence is violence and we can employ have the city with financial and educational opportunities … But we have to ask this question? Mass shooting occurs on school grounds where they are being educated. Someone gets angry because he or she fired… Let’s shoot them up…someone will pay. All the devices the evil throws at us…We need God first, to get out of the messes we are in. What’s spooky, is what we continued to allow without addressing self-hatred and the lack of respect for human life. 

th5YRA28F0Tyshawn Lee, shot in the head and multiple times. This is something that can make you snap.  Allegedly, an argument that has been brewing for three weeks. Seriously, it can’t get any dumber than this. Anger and having axes to grind. What conflict resolution? In all honesty, this can’t some in a few hour class. This has to be apart of the moral fiber of any human being.  Adults and children having fits… and getting charged with a gun instead of sensible reasoning.

. We will sing outrage and go on the tyrant media blitz. It last but it will pass. We have to get aggressive about the seriousness about the monsters in our communities that is wreaking havoc. Yes, I will tell, Yes, I will expose the criminals and the idols mind. The passive solution isn’t’ always a job and lack of education. Many hold down jobs as a front. Many that ride out on the mentality…It’s either them or me.  Some say that they are off their knees and must take man’s action. Okay, has it worked thus far. Remember a killer is a killer. Every child should be your child. Don’t get to desensitize . 

I applaud all efforts to rid of this evil but it will take more than our minimal efforts.  We add the stereotypes with the labeling.  It’s easier in the mind to just arrive at  lack of money and education is why many murderers act the way that they do. Some criminals work, and criminals do  have education. So, we say it’s in certain neighborhoods because of this or that we are trying to find an excuse why it all goes wrong. It goes wrong because there is spot that  enemy sees and he continues to invade.

Who knows the human mind and heart?  I find it almost insulting when one wants to tackle  killers when we wont address the illicit and erroneous behavior we fail to address in all arenas including the church house. Oh, I find the most damage in the homes that refuse to address how jacked up, family dynamics that lead to many things that we choose to ignore.  Regardless if there are struggles or not.

 I am not speaking magic bullets… I am speaking plain old common sense!

Understandably we must do our parts but hear me… We have embarked in such a territory  crime is spiking even higher. How can we put a dent in the in gun violence.  Too many minimize the lack of standards and values that we have placed on the institution of keeping the family together.  What’s making the environment ripen enough for the monsters to continue to reside among us? I see lots of issues that go unaddressed in fear of not being liked. If my son, or grandson body was tattered and torn with bullets I have to go beyond human policing. It’s too painful to ignore with simple rebuttals!