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I have seen the best deceived by what they believe is a good person. I have seen in ministry the “craftiness”  of others vying for a position, power, attention and greed. I have seen people do low down things to others to get money.  Why is America often taken off of her square with the craziness of any human being?  I have seen people orchestrate plans to destroy other people careers with gregarious rumors and I saw people co-sign on bad behavior to get what they want and knew that the person was wrong and went along with it anyway.

People of authority can easily dup and build a  nest in the minds of even some of the sharpest people! I have seen people who I once respected sell their souls for popularity and power even it meant corruption! I ain’t worth it!

Before my workout this morning… th7ZF4V6G3I heard on the news about the Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, founding on his death.  Oddly, I wanted to know what was exactly going on with this investigation.

What struck me odd, from the beginning of the investigation, that  they couldn’t seem to find three people after basically shutting down the city. The money involved and the local businesses lost money on the high pursuit of trying to find these “so-called” suspect.  The Fox Lake Police had so many tips on where to find these suspects.  7a8be99c6e27d227800f6a7067005212

In the meantime,  Lt. Gliniewicz was held high in honor of how wonderful he was, and this wonderful person, all the while it had been “rumors and speculation that something shaky was going on in the police department. Living another life of deception. thBKHSVBFG

ONLY… TO COME TO EMBARRASSMENT… That he was allegedly believed to be embezzling money, issues with pornography, over extended loans, and a  dual life of dishonesty. He had help… He staged his suicide filled with lies! which leaves his family, colleagues, community devastated… A bomb shell  that the police officer was no more than a criminal with a uniform and he had help! The ultimate “betrayal” to the people who respected him!

 How many times have I been here. I wasn’t shocked, because it all seemed strange to me from the beginning. People generally skip common sense especially with heighten emotions.  I thank  God, for  the quiet time to collect rational reasoning.  This can be anyone of us… idolizing the person not watching the character.  Subtle deception leads to bigger disappointments.  Mistakes are things that aren’t foreseen. The human rationale is to make excuses.

Stealing isn’t’ a mistake, neither is lying. It’s on purpose! I often have to stand back and examining how I look at people and I have to be honest with them. I don’t go along to get along but I see so many that will.  All because you are close to me doesn’t mean I will dumb down and steer from the truth. Today we are getting more and more embarrassed as a nation of what we going along with. I know the dangers of hypocrisy. It’s sad when I have to ask leaders and ministers today to tell the truth and stand up for what’s right. I don’t trust anyone that can lie in the name of God, and I see this entirely too much in the pulpit. When you have to expose the erroneous behavior in the pulpit and the people will often cover up the nonsense!  God is going to expose many who are in positions of authority!

My point, is this… Stand for the truth, not because of human emotions and   this leads ONLY leads to more trouble. Stand up because the “truth” have a way of coming out whether it’s a skilled cover up or a stumble upon!