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Schizophrenia is no laughing matter especially to those who suffer with it. But when you purposely” open” up your heart and mind to  be spiritually duped and blind sided its no joke either. One might said, how can you compare the two? I can …and both are mentally and physically draining  and  messes with your head enough that one might believe that what they are seeing , getting and believing is the truth.  And that’s not true. Emotionally, people are easily preyed upon because of senses and are geared toward delusions. One is led to believe that all visions in Christ are the same…They are not!

 Let’s be honest, most folks that go to church don’t go because there is a dire seek God or go to other dimensions in the supernatural.  First of all, God is a Spirit, and you have to worship him in the TRUTH… The reality is…its  not taught. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian….it’s the characteristics of Christ.

Most people are looking for that junkie experience that leaves them feeling good about being god less… Why  one attends is between them and God yet, we are still obligated under God’s ordinances to do begin to teach the gospel not hide it. 

Meaning… that goose bump feeling and that right shot in the arm of emotions that make them comfortable being a hypocrite.  Going through the motions of selling Jesus just enough to reel you in before you witness of what they think about you and Jesus.  It will come out in the fruit. 

How are we advocating Christianity by affiliating ourselves with ungodliness even in character? People are supposed to get angry…because I challenge you to read the bible you say you believe in…And you will find the man in the mirror is the one who really needs to change!

The church is facing more scandals and corruption…just like anything it changes the rules to accommodate things it shouldn’t. We have more corrupt individuals inside of ministries and no one makes them accountable. Jesus might forgive you…but he doesn’t excuse you!


For one, I have been in church all my life and my assignment is to NEVER KEEP QUIET ABOUT the tricks and trade of  injustices in the church or outside of it. I am not selling my God experiences cheap by getting in aligned with things that offend the God in me…  This is how many might ride the coattails of what they think is spiritual success but it’s only a front for materialism

I know the games people play all in the Name of God. It sickens me, it disturbs me who so many blindly follow with questions… And its discouraging to see others “pimp and prime” God’s people into a posture of being a hypocrites in the first place. 

I am not going to let members of any church slip by without their responsibility in the pot of the “witches brew”.There is however, a dire need to see just how vulnerable the sheep are.  Unfortunately, for the leaders who want quality members you can almost hand-pick whose changing for the better. Church is being sold cheaper than ever. Too many people see leaders say one thing in private but  do another in church. 

Never in my life, have I been so disappointed and frustrated with the garbage that is right in our faces. Unfortunately people are often prey up on  in the churches of today because people are hungry but turn bitter when they see one thing, favoritism, and certain rules for certain people. 

I am often told that all churches have trouble…that’s true ! But all churches don’t allow evil people to run amuck. We might have trouble but many get in trouble by what is allowed to reign and ruin.  Churches need continual deliverance and pruning.   A deceiver  opts on confrontations with the real evil because it requires and you wont feel warm and fuzzy and may expose the real of who they are.

It’s called , accountability, maturity, quality, and responsibility.

 All churches are not this way, they build character not positions. You want to test how messy people are watch character.

When you see cut throat so-called Christians…vying for power and will step on you to get it.  There will be a lot of materialism, a spirit of manipulation, and control. aka… Jezebel and Ahab!

Many flock in certain churches for the attention and nothing more. Its not because they sense the presence of God but they find liked mindedness and nothing more! Many seek opportunity and or easy prey!th2FCP7NBO

 It’s the new gospel commercial that Christ taught against. Apostasy rides high today because there is no foundational structure or evidence of Christ. The Seven Churches in  the book of Revelation and only one pass the test not because of service but standing for the TRUTH. 

One thing that I know has hands up is that “social media” is exposing more about the world and what’s in it.  It will like you today, but expose your mess tomorrow!

 If we are all reading the same bibles…How many churches are actually  following it to the letter?

Lets go here…Some are playing games and pimping the people. You wont have much of a crowd when you shed light on the human darkness.

Our temples might be full of  the blemishes and that’s fine. It “appeals ” as the light…but what you stand for…I am detrimentally concerned with come as you are, there is room not at cross but not  at the tomb . 

Christ isn’t lost we are. The trying of the spirits is real quite easy. A place to just  be high-strung on emotions but  Christ that many have yet to experience. Its being sold this way! Dependent on a human being and instead of an independent relationship with God.

Come on.  common folks dodge this one all the time. Everyone is hovering with the cliques, complaining. and gossiping about real change. We love showboating  about  what we do to the least of these but for some odd reason character and integrity is often a cuss word. 

But the real test of your Jesus is when the persecution of being a witness when you “think” no one is listening . When there is no love…there is no God. There is no reward for showing off. Your reward is just that,you’re showed off.

 The danger in believing all because you do good stuff doesn’t  indicate a life of Christ. But who will stand up when the time has to be allotted and it wont be convenient and it wont be pretty?

Yet, when there is an opportunity to be posted up for all to see, God knows the intentions of  a pure heart.  Your public services is for whom? And its to advance what and whose agendas?… 

Lets see the show of hands and then the moment of truth arrives… No one wants to do anything about it and if it requires continual action there is no spirit of endurance… but it is a great time to get the attention at heart of emotionalism!