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largerZVWDMERDthGF18MTVYI am not shocked with the responses regarding 20-year-old Kaylyn Pryor, and  Tyshawn Lee,   or any other person that has been the victim of Chicago’s ongoing gun violence… Afraid or not whose going to tell? We have let our people off the hook  for not coming forth and speaking up.  I am appalled that money is even offered. These are love ones of people who are grieving today.  

On one hand the police is our enemy but on the other hand whose the  enemy now? I have seen people of color try to make excuses for why what and who? What does it matter? People are grieving over their children gun down like animals in broad daylight. As a human being does this not infuriate people?  A child is lured to be “executed”… tattered with bullets over some gang banging  nonsense… These are demonic entities in on our blocks and in our cities!

I recall vividly, at a community meeting with only certain people who were invited.  When the south side Pastor, talked about uniting and I asked him where was my Pastor where  were all the neighboring Pastors, in the area? He couldn’t answer and he tried to come for the jugular and make these odd subliminal suggestions. 

 I was basically told about my kind… HUH? My kind, a cinnamon  brown sister doing at our churches? When I looked at another man of the church who was Puerto Rican.  Odd…since he was of another race.   He and his wife, had given me this look as something else was going on inside the church with this Pastor and I was on the right track.  The Pastor, made sure he and I never got together.  

I then came right out with the issues in the churches and  our communities when “ego and money” is destroying moral fibers and the standards in our faith communities.

 Myself, and another senior stood our grounds we were both mixed women, and both were look upon as we were in the wrong place, although I was invited  and welcome until they saw what I look like.

When I begin to ask questions and the church agreed whole heartedly.  The Pastor got angry and basically said,  he was hooked up with one of alderman’s in the area.  He then politely said some people have no idea about what goes on in our neighborhood…  purposely racially dividing the people against us.  He didn’t want to have anything else to do with me and  I concurred…I was done!

My point… Chicago is known for a too  many powerless, gutless,  frivolous churches.  A lot of religious and pious people with no regard to what God requires.  Just buildings full of rules and regulations that people don’t follow.   It’s all on false pretenses.

Where are the people to come out and stand against the evils?  Unfortunately, the we have to post rewards in order to keep the unity in our communities. What a sad day when we have offer money as incentive to tell  the truth and assist law enforcement on solving crimes.  Where are the pumped up fists against the injustices among our own? On one hand the police don’t do their job but how about this neither does some in our communities.

You know what? Some people only seem to  get involved when it’s only deem necessary for themselves!