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thC0OWSGAG thRUMYZ4AQThe words expressed are that of Writer65’s and not of Pastor Pfleger’s…

Here we go again…I can recall quite vividly, that I was one of the first to post about Hydia Pendleton because  she really captured my heart.

In a post on another blog… I said systematically that Urban America is on automatic pilot with responses when it comes to “black on black” crime. The excuses roll out of their mouths like a laxative working overtime. I am amazed how so many sit back and go along with the consensus. We seem to glorify the exhibitionism and pumped on the crowd steroids,… but there is still silence when there should be more than voices but lots of action.  I have never left the frontlines, I just laid off of the shenanigans.  Who can squash all the false pretenses and the haters… Is God…

You should see how many   honestly don’t care and not as outraged as you think.  I just posted up a toddler gun down in another city. Where were all the black leaders? Let’s keep it one hundred….Why would I need any celebrity to clean up my home?  No city official brought a gun in your homes. Yet, we have these frivolous press conferences to say what?  For one the objectives of violence is all wrong.  Have you notice when you hit the root of the problem, because of backlash the truth is smothered?  I am always hitting veins especially among the sheep in wolves clothing.  We have the urban Hitler’s and no is as disturbed about it. I have long did away with foolishness…I am interested in results. We have enough coverage on violence trust me! I see all the “chiefs” and very little Indians. You see, Indians can’t get the camera coverage!

 When are we as whole going to confront the demons in our homes and cut out this foolishness?

I have said this before… The  community activism crap is at it all time high.  This isn’t a popularity contest. These are the lives of people gone too soon gun down often by their own. This isn’t new…  Many have made media into income, and  will try to capitalize on the murders of African-American children. People that are in the streets on a real note are hardly ever mentioned or might not be camera up…Sadly, you have parents actually losing sight of what this is supposed to be about. Yet, it’s our children and not just singled out whose more important! Yes, many say it quietly but I will said in their faces. That’s one of the reason, why I  saw more agendas than purpose! What a shame Chicago has enough media but no action.  I don’t need a constant protest about violence in community., We can honestly wouldn’t have to walk far to clean our own homes up!

Honesty, the streets should be loaded with outrage going door to door trying to hunt down the “killers”. And I am not trying to win favor but speak the truth.  I wish a so call Christian would collect one dime to come forth and get money. I am already a little taken back with the reward money just to talk about the assassination of  9 yr old…Tyshawn Lee. 

How many people will show up at St, Sabina posted up like it’s another “Chiraq” casting call? Folks line up around the church but we can’t get anyone to speak up and trust me many right in the inner circle know what the deal is.  If you are going to really be a Prophetic Voice for God…we have to stop playing the games to keep the cameras rolling and win favor with whom? Who is greater than God? Where is the real “faith community”….Any person that say they are about God’s people and can’t seem to keep pride and their egos in check… is running a ruse on Chicago. I have seen it and experienced it. God is going to do his casting call but no one is showing up with agendas. Some wills show up for the community exposure…and the true activists in law enforcement and otherwise deal with real side of these senseless acts done in black and brown communities in Chicago.

You should see how sensitive people get but it’s the truth.  Many factors might contribute to setting the atmosphere for crime, but I have always taken another spin on it…It calls the heart matters.  Giving someone an education or money has never and I mean never deviated anyone for killing another human being, that is a serious mindset. This upsets people to know that all our community crosses lines when it comes to crime. I am not to rationalize why people are shooting guns as if water will spring from them. I don’t even bother watching any television to listen as usual to all the talking heads… Economics or no economics…

Yes, I am disgusted and irritated because I can clock the circus, and I am still shocked at how many people get caught up in the hype and hysteria…  

Are we not taught to value human life? What morals are being conveyed when funerals of our children are now treating like an opportunists dreams and social events.   You should see the denial and the outrage about doing surgery on our community to rid of the ugly systematic diseases  in our communities with just mere truths.

I am not wasting anymore of my time playing on the heart-strings of people who are devastated at their loss. I had to do a reassessment of what I was attaching my life with.  Addiction to the cameras in Chicago is staggering. Getting all dressed up to entice not with our words but with agendas whether they are physical or for sheer opportunities .  Getting  dolled up  not because of the danger and dead zone the enemy has now entered all of us in… but to seize every moment on heels of someone’s death. Hair, nails and hook ups  is not quite what God had in mind for me for serious business.  Is this not another sickness of the mindset?

It’s no more  the movie Chiraq … the new move should be called,…. Chicago,… It’s A Shame! I will  most definitely stand in line and audition for a role