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Words expressed are those of Writer65 and are not of Pastor Pfleger’s.

I think we need to be careful when we prefer labeling things as being discriminatory practices or is it sheer common sense?  One thing I’m against, is crying foul ball and always claiming the “sky” is falling  when  it isn’t… I say this respectively about any Internet Provider.  It should be FREE and that’s it!

I can’t comment on the extent of what happened to the church Internet but it is needed  “strongly”  to continue business as usual and to keep some form of normalcy as possible.  Businesses are going to have to find other ways of satisfying customers. 

FOR ME, it’s never about taking a side even if the customer happens to be my Pastor. It’s about what is right! I understand both sides!  Didn’t we  just fight for the movie  title “Chiraq?” Double edge sword…
…Has anyone took the time to do the research on what happens when violence destroys a city? What will be some of the drawbacks of living in Chirag?  Sadly, certain parts of Chicago is still a war zone. So, are we not doing cash incentives to bring justice. The AMOUNT OF THE  pot is over $50,000… that speaks volumes. People are in FEAR…

If a common ground  can be met, let it be met.  I know the  danger if we power play on the things that can be easily dissolved. We can’t make things everything out to be a  major crisis. The crisis is the knuckle  heads that have gangstered the streets like a plague. And we are going to feel more than the lack of Internet. The slow deterioration of our neighborhoods didn’t start or end with  cable providers.  Cable companies have the money in the prominent areas. They will insure better incentive in the non- violent areas. You can pull out all the bells and whistles… political or the popular card

I say it publicly , if we don’t get a grasp on the violence, you will see how some will switch gears and make sure there is no service of any kind in the area. It will force people to make some decisions about where they will be force to leave to better areas!

As Believers In Christ… We still must extend our level of compassion  and understanding to those who might be in fear of working in those areas in any job or profession.  …Yet, we seem lack luster when it comes to confrontation of the real problems. I dare anyone to take a survey about how they are treated n more violent areas. How many called cab services, no one showed up?  How many people ask how safe it is to come to your house or your business?  How many keep their children in the house instead of  at a park? We can’t be speaking with a double tongue.  We have to get angry enough to deal with the root of the problems, not just simple surface issues.    

Just you wait, if we don’t get a range on the nonsense in our communities, it will be more than a cable company that will refuse service.  

I lived on the South Side of Chicago…

No one was outraged when if we decided that we wanted something delivered, that wasn’t anything new to get service.  Food deliveries weren’t happening when I lived on the South Side. We were flat-out denied!   Our area average one or two gun shot victims a week, robberies, and burglaries, were off the meter.  Gangs disrespected people’s property. Living was more than stressful…That’s why so many ate addictions, whether it was food, drink or even sex!

No one marched, no one held signs and complained, it was happening all the time until it is centered around a public figure that everyone gets outraged… Man please!  Think about my frustration for 5 years of constant upset with the results of living around consistent conflict!

Secondly, I recall being in church and coming home and house was broken into… in broad daylight!  People saw who did what but wouldn’t open their mouths to speak a word and here is the mind blower… We lived next door to someone who was supposed to apart of that the CAPS…thingy! Of course, he didn’t see anything and he is quite nosy… But that day he had heard a thing. I didn’t buy it then, and don’t care for it now!

A cable man rang the bell only to tell me that he has been robbed in the alley. So, there might be some validity to why we better strongly look at the what can be on the rise… 

While gardening,  a man wanted me to call the police he had been robbed at the back of our house.  My point, is… maybe this is another awakening moment that bring attention to the results about not getting the violence under control.  And I hate to believe that we will break this down into some kind of hate thing.

The hate is when our community will begin to feel the pinch and harbor the nonsense.  We all will have to pay for  the onslaught of senseless violence. How quickly people forget that a Tyshawn Lee, was just buried the day before.  Stop, breathe and think about it. Before putting the cart before the horse. The anger should be against all that created such an atmosphere that people don’t feel safe.  Ironically, and I say this in all fairness and sincerity,  how many of us have said we don’t feel safe?   How many times I know my family suffered… I saw brains on the ground. So, I have to understand to some point! The people who service us…have families too.

I left church two Sundays ago, and there was a murder and no has talked about it.  We need to be careful, we can cry wolf too many times!

I know from experience, about the fear in the neighborhood people would barely come outdoors.  It’s easy to say when you have better options they live… the poor will always suffer the most. Cable providers will undoubtedly get his service going only “shut his mouth”.  Mark my words… this will be only a temporary fix before the real storm rages.

People that can do the most talking have exceptional living status and privileges. Getting down with the community isn’t a preserved life full of caution and not real confrontation… but it is feeling the pressure of their kind of life.

 The reality is this epidemic and systemic challenges is really hitting all of us in some shape, form or fashion. 

It definitely didn’t start yesterday for me but, it  hits me when I have to travel through the dangerous neighborhoods praying… and watching. About three years ago,  after a New Years Eve Prayer service a shoot out took place across our vehicle.  !  You think I’m joking… It didn’t stop me from praying but it did make me exercise some sheer common sense. I had to travel almost 50 miles to get home.  Violence isn’t going to stop me from living but the wisdom of God allows me to make better judgment calls in a state of being calm and not emotions.

If people have cable they ain’t going to give it up…that is their stress reliever. Some people are too afraid to come St. Sabina.
All that glitters ain’t gold… Their tithes and offering in neighborhoods that are full of distress is something that will bring them comfort.  People will be upset for a few seconds and think about it  for days later when they have to address it. 

The wisdom of God teaches me that always trying things in public forums have some conditions.  I would ask myself this question. If  people are getting more afraid of coming to work… What’s going to happen when they feel coming to church is too dangerous? The bigger picture isn’t with the businesses… it’s with the level of outrage to run the devil out-of-town… and I have yet to see that happen by the foolishness that people gravitate too… The real skinny on ending violence might end in violence itself…

Although, one might be believe that the Internet, is just a luxury, the rich has power played and made cable, and the social media apart of a human necessity.  I say, Argue about what really matters! Play out differences with some level of patience…  When we convey that we are  one way but demonstrate behaviors that are unbecoming we will be reap the harvest, whether you are Father Pfleger or Father Flannigan. 

The real skinny on ending violence just might end in violence itself… In others words… a lot of things are dying while we continue to live.  We have to make sure we stay focused on might matter in the long run. Personal protesting has to be weighed out not just in short term. I have to ask myself how many have dealt with this issue for years in those areas. You’d be surprised at how may community activist was focused on many minor things and the bigger problem was right in your face.  Some will get this and some will continue to miss it!

The real  question…should be how do I want to live in order to reap the land of MILK and HONEY… with or without INTERNET?