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The face of evil is showing its hand everywhere from Chicago to Paris, France. Evil doesn’t limit itself with regions and territories.  The demons obey spiritual power not materialism. Unfortunately the powerless churches who claim to know God is always silent. How does one define a  church that is moving in God? 

First, they are  moving in works but  have no power or authority. Where  is true intercessions… It’s not in messiness!  Church folks fighting among yourselves who is going  to power trip on the simplest tasks to be affirmed by their leader or pastors.  There is no seriousness because we see growth in the pews that lack too much emotional maturity let along spiritual maturity… Many church lack the luster of standing for the truth and make excuses for the lack of purification thereof. The demons of denial know where the  love to occupy!

The Cosmetic church is full of members who simply put on fronts, drama and they try to fake it before the make it.  How is that working for  you? Greater power we are supposed to have. And many, are too afraid of God’s miracle powers. So, the church is out-of-order because of erroneous teachings, fake leaders, and people who have been elevated in ministry when they should have been introduce to the door. The apostasy, and the hypocrite is trying to put a muzzle on truth.  If we want to see dunamis power, true repentance need to be done. 

The devil has his hands on many religious leaders by making them “cry” uncle… Meaning they are sold out to more  of their image than the true image of God. Worldliness, and compromise!  It’s real talk… the foolishness of the church has come to an  embarrassment! 

The real power come when burdens are removed and yokes  are destroyed.  Christ had to give the world the model, church.  It is full of demonstration of  HIS power.  Man’s fleshly power isn’t God’s power!

Too many churches can’t pray a roach out of raid.

The fakes aren’t’ even equipped to handle demonic forces.  Looking cute and pretending to be spiritual doesn’t put the devil on the run. The devil isn’t running from many the church because he knows for centuries all the foolishness that have gravitated to the social organization THAT MANY ACTUAL BELIEVE IT’S A CHURCH… When  there is no

Many don’t even know the bible… let alone the claim to be disciples for Christ… but the enemy has punk the church so far down it’s embarrassing. Yet, the love to hate on those who are moving in the supernatural powers. 

The devil ain’t scared of your designer suits or your influential guests. It’s prophetic warriors that can bring down strong holds.  A spiritual law, Many can’t bind the devil because that’s who they serve.  

It’s warfare and many get tripped up on power and influence.  People are losing their lives and people are “still playing church and are not seeking God for missions to make it better. . The seriousness  of this hour is exposing the wheat from the tare.

I am not waiting for the burning of tares to separate us, it’ the maturity to assess how far that each one of us have fallen. There is no ball dropped because one was never picked up. 

It’s when the church comes from among THEM…AND THEN SEPARATION. In other words the made up church consist of quantity but never quality. Your sacrifice of worship is forfeited when there  NO are clean hearts but agendas. Yes, God rejects sacrifices all the time BUT HE WANTS YOUR OBEDIENCE.  The demons of denial wont allow the fleshly heart assess the damages until it’s in the final hour!

 May continue to believe that  God will come at midnight… but  what if he arrives at 9:22 A. M. ? the deception is you think you  have to time to get cleaned up, so you will do your mess to the end, praying that embarrassment wont come or God wont pull the cover off of the Cosmetic Church. The Cosmetic church is big on works but not on character.  ( Revelations 2:12-17)

Unfortunately, the church have become too worldly that there is  no mere distinction anymore. Tom foolery is minding the mint, and carnality is seizing  the lives of God’s people! Surface ministry isn’t winning God’s heart… it’s the sincere heart that God doesn’t despise!