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I couldn’t wait to get this post up. Please tell me that  the community monsters haven’t hit an all time low.  When I got “wind” that death threats are made against Chicago churches TO CLOSE OR ELSE.  REALLY? … I knew it’s going to bottom out.   THERE IS NO FEAR OF GOD. The true churches of God is a conduit for ridding of demonic forces. And now that there is word on the street that retaliations will be against the church. God help those who have gotten this bold enough   to first, murder children and now death threats against the HOUSE OF GOD!

Nothing is irritating me more than people who know who is influencing violence and gunning down our  children! Fear is starting to really grip Chicago… God didn’t give us a SPIRIT OF FEAR.

I am outraged at the low roads that many have taken. Personally, I stay away from coddling why. When human life is no value to certain menaces when have some serious work to do.  Chicago is under another threat… MILITARY FORCE. Taking back the streets is two steps up what about cleaning up your houses!