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The strangest behavior is when one  call on God only when he or she has created problems instead of following God’s plan. They love God for what they can get and then leave when they think it’s safe. Everyone looks around trying to find solutions to problems man created. The inconsistency in our leaders, and these rules play, or pay as go. We see the melt down in world and too many get on the bandwagon instead of challenging giants. The  constant complaining of what we have or what we don’t have and you as an individual what changes did you make. The hypocrisy is so well-bred among leaders and every area of our lives.

The cry for the poor while some riding the  backs of  feeble-minded. All the hype in the world wont fix the blatant disrespect for human lives. The talking is cheap. We are getting ready to put frosting on the fakes. as the holiday season is vastly approaching .  The tacky clichés are about to hit the air waves until maybe two weeks after the New Year will be forgotten. I’m big on change when you be who you say you are, do what you say you will do.  The easy street is to draw people in on what it looks like instead of what it really is.  Putting one hundred on ten, the lies of begin. th (57)

We are going to look as if we doing good services for Jesus but the rest of the year… speaks the opposite. The world can be a better place if we the people just stop and make some adjustments to their personal characters. In our westernized customs we have been taught to be selective when putting on our acts of good pleasure and fake cheers. As I get older and I look at things not so much of how they are but what they don’t have to be. Too many people want to the devils out towns but not realizing that they are apart that needs to be ran out-of-town… We ask God for directions, we want his blessing but do the entire opposite of what Christ stands for. We are living in the last days, and in the hours of either coming clean or staying away dirty.

Many of America’s problem are that of being greed and power-hungry. The truth is the American dream is what you make it and not what others tell you that it is. Many are sold out on what they want it too look like… even if it means selling themselves to the devil for power and corruption. The church is really not that different, they have to find what they are honestly standing for. It’s well to do the public good works but underneath would rather profit with the world and lose their soul.  Christ pointed out flaws in the seven of the churches. Some have combined areas of good and bad.

Although many say they advocate the disciplines of Christ but the church has become the market place and community commercial for worldliness. There is no difference to win anyone for Christ. It’s not pushing God, its pushing people who has become the real danger.  Many say God called them but no one has the courage to tell the truth about how low down our people have sunk.  The church in itself has gotten caught up in the money and members game.  You say God called you be will take the devil’s bait with materialism. The deception today, is perfuming goods deeds over the funk!

The rock climbing  and social-climbing… the rock bombing that’s when you throw stones at others to accomplish personal agendas. The social-climbing… vying for positions to appear to be top dog, or popular church.  It’s not popular in God because they advocate the vile evilness of the world… but more or less dog mess  for the material wealth and social again.

Manure is one the ingredients of making of an explosive device… IT’S SPIRITUAL SUICIDE!

It’s not God’s best when we annihilate or own, for worldly compromise, opportunities, personal beliefs instead of what God really wants from all of us!