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Today have you notice that there are no classes on discipline or character for Christians.  Some are the  most messiest people because they came from a lack of moral and its carry over into the church culture. There is this thing for  new members classes for what the church believes more than what God has to say.   

Yet, they are often the “finger pointers” in every denomination and or religion but never advocate strong relationship with God  but is taught that mere surface church membership is the only requirement?  Who are we fooling? We wont get anywhere until we deal with some truths!

They are bathe superficially  in the flesh but there is no growth  or the introduction to levels of discipline but advocate discipleship from the class …Which takes personal experiences to build any relationship and with God.  But when people see the unruliness it’s often ignored but talked about with no confrontation about  the bad behavior.

No matter how liberal one would prefer to be,  the truth is there is no sense of freedom being the lie and living the lie. Unruly adults are more prevalent and lots of trouble today  than we care to share.  I have never seen so many people without structure and cannot respect boundaries. There is no foundation for respecting human life in general.  And the most frightening part they go and have children.

One of the key components for the violence in this country comes from the lack of respect for oneself let alone others.  What conflict resolution when children are out-of-order because these wanna be parents are whack jobs today!

Two weeks ago, I was out and about doing my habitual routines on a Saturday. I notice a young woman who had three male children that were running around pushing a cart at high-speed . She continued to ignore their behavior and  it just blew me! I had a problem with her unruly children.  Out of nowhere everyone was screaming  to get my attention… too late.

I didn’t see it coming the little boy hit my right hip. My hip was burning and I knew I couldn’t sustain any kind of injuries to my joints especially my hips. It was only God, that I didn’t snap.  Everyone watched in disbelief praying that my leg wasn’t broken.  

Everyone was getting angry because the woman never bothered to come see what her son had done. The manager  of the establishment came to me  to show me the children’s overweight young mother.  The manager  was so angry and pointed out that I could “call the police” and file a complaint for insurance purposes. I declined .  And  like always I had to be the one to step up snatch the cart and  told the children to go have a seat, while the children parent never apologized to me, and didn’t bother correcting her children.  

People were waiting for me to give her the business.  I honestly walked away, she was too ignorant to deal with what her son has done. I  knew the day would come in court, or lying in their own blood.  I knew I better not go there  because I don’t think I could come back!  My face was getting hotter because I could feel my hip throb and I knew she didn’t care. This was normal for her.    I know God kept me calm .  More than ever I saw the need for some people to stop having children!!!

In the meantime, I limped out praying that my leg wouldn’t give me any trouble. I had some slight  bruising but  my hip has swollen so badly it looked as if I had a soft ball attached under my clothes. I thank God that my leg wasn’t broken. The more I thought about what happened to me… the more  I got so furious because I knew it would be me that would have to deal with aftermath of getting the injury while the children’s mother  sat on the fat butt!

I am seeing this more and more a lack of parental control.  I can see the decline in discipline  in children today. I have seen more and more parents that wont even take responsibility just how unruly their children are. I see the breakdown with parents who act as if disciplining children is a curse. I see more young parents  unwed, I have no idea what the heck they are doing.    While the boyfriend or baby Daddy, act as if the child isn’t went them. It’s nuts… When there was some level of shame of having children out-of-wedlock, not anymore it’s their cash cow for  welfare.  We have lost ground when it comes to getting a range on what should be acceptable in building a strong family structure. The increase of many unwed single parenting is exploding and creating this other kind of culture. All we have to do is look around many of them have no idea of what raising children mean and we see everything play out in violence.  There is a recipe for disaster when it comes with too many young single parents.

Honestly, we don’t need constant awareness of many of our problems when rules and boundaries are set in place for a reason. In this country we love to consistently rehearse what we need but  never is there a podium to express to the purpose of some kind of order in your life.