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The words expressed are  BOLDLY that of Writer65 not of Father Pfleger’s.




Well some of us who decided to be abstinent or celibate ain’t getting it because of our choice.  Religion or relationship.  I know many reasons why sex should be withheld and it has nothing to do with stopping anyone from a war but the spiritual warfare that it brings later. Everything today sounds nuts! There is no spine even in the churches.

 There is nothing “radical” about a church or any individual playing it safe! There is their image and there is the image of God. What will the people come away with, when they see you?

Marriage indirectly is being attacked by the spineless churches. Religion thinks short term. But relationship even with God see, the entire picture with FUTURE written all over it! It’s embarrassing to see how many use church as a crutch instead of strength to affirm the God that they say they serve.  

I have heard of some pretty special things but here is one thing.  I understand satire!!!  Lysistrata makes it point to some degree but I have to bring another perspective of biblical truth. Think about all the children out-of-wedlock and the fatherless families and the end results if they have just waited?  What peace did it bring in the act of being a single parent?  Self control isn’t really implemented in our customs. anymore! Do what feels good and not necessarily what is  right…  We can say most worldly  churches are going to be extinct very soon.  God will have to grow his church in another way because of the lack of stability and what his church is suppose to  stand for today!  thA42V08Q6

I am speaking to saints and sinners! Are women being treated like whores or do they offer themselves up that way? Churches today give a lot of surface teachings. It won’t hold up because there is no foundation of truth that comes with consequences.

I find it odd that the movie “Chiraq” isn’t considered old-fashioned but tells a different kind of story with actually facts about violence. How one comes away with Spike Lee’s way of delivering a message is another.   I stayed away on commenting on purpose based on the trailer not the actual tale of the movie. So, how could I criticize?  Spike Lee, presented his art but I saw nd experienced  another kind of awakening.   I wouldn’t have to defend my craft when I know that it’s done genuinely were my heart was.  Violence is apart of the problem  but not the root.

There is no  need to sign any petition withholding sex from a man when there  should be celibacy and or abstinence.  Wonderment and too much freedom is getting us in more trouble.

 In some ways some churches sound hypocritical in many aspects.  In one way it condones certain sins, in another this is the way of the Lord. Hitler started in the same fashion.  Lies were repeated and it caught on. Justification and excuses why their sin had passes while others will feel the judgment of God. In reality judgment can be good or bad!

God has written 66 books …  I am one to believe you should get this in church, but oops… The new order of the day is to not make people uncomfortable.  One reason, God said marriage first, is to rid of the nonsense that comes when someone wont commit.  Often times the goods are shown with no investment in return. When someone looks for love, very often will the find it. It’s a way of order. When a man finds a wife, it never said girlfriend… It’s not always a misinterpretation of scripture! 

 Anything that lead with have to bleed. In other words you might be that “sacrificial” lamb.  To lead God’s people you MUST live the life God called you to.  Separation is a dirty word “especially” for those who play games. That’s right church today is no more than a side hustle for some.  They play with the most dangerous part of a man or woman….Their souls!

Sex is powerful… it can go in some directions you didn’t intend for it to go…married or unmarried.  What is unwanted pregnancy when there is no protection?  Sexual transmitted diseases are soaring again. Again, we need to think. There should be  no surprises! Yet,  the world likes for us to sound nice or compromise … so we use the term unwanted and mistake.  A lie! 

Abstinence ….Is when one abstain from having sex until  marriage. There is no guarantee that the marriage will work but marriage is what God honors. The church is too imbalanced in God system,, that is why you see no true power and strange fires!

Celibacy… is a vow of being  abstinence of being unmarried and a without sexual intercourse.  The bottom line both can change. Lets not confuse scriptures for own delight. Being celibate isn’t a cardinal sin nor more than refraining from marriage makes you special. It is a man-made option not God’s! Celibacy is something that has variation of  meaning.  Some people are celibate …. 1) Out of fear 2) Singleness … And some are not single because they want to be… they can’t seem get anyone!

Eunuchs… A man  who has been castrated which were given to basically  a  servants or slaves so that they went mate or be sexually influenced and normally were guards. Some were born with birth defects and wouldn’t be able to reproduce. Here is the lie… All because a man’s testicles were removed didn’t mean he didn’t indulge in sexual acts.

( Matthew 19:12) There were three types of Eunuchs…

1) Naturally 2) Forced  3) Voluntary

Being a Eunuch  were typically for certain social positions and not held in high regard according to status! Their proof of loyalty was being castrated.  When I think of how so many have altered history and the bible for certain stances but there were also conditions.  With the misinterpretation of scripture and we put things in certain categories  1 Corinthians 7:7-9)

Sex organs don’t hinder God, it’s a lack of self-control. Some people aren’t marriage material and it might be better that they remain single until they do so. Everyone starts out single, common sense. NO one was born married.  God made sex to be a way of multiplying the family not dividing it. Scriptures and text have taken out of context in certain religion as mean of money, power and social gain why sex was a way of getting a service to God. NO, he made sex.  The church makes sex dirty. Sex isn’t dirty it’s the way sex is used…. Violent sexual acts are done within the church where is the out cry. We hear the rebuttals aren’t they just pitiful?

If sex will be the death of your relationship with God then something is terribly wrong no more than being unmarried doesn’t bother God it bothers man.  It’s our decision-making and playing games in the name of God  that is forbidden.  God didn’t give away pleasure when he has given us sex …Sex was given with marriage in mind with good pleasure. Sex isn’t dirty it’s what has become defile letting religion dictates what’s the bad part about sex. Sex is good and all because one chooses not the have it, wont make it less pleasurable for me and I believe in abstinence!

There is nothing plenteous about when a person’s life choices are being depleted. Religions has a way of playing in folks head. True relationships are constantly being define and refined.  God uses the word covenant, man uses any term he likes if it benefits him in some way.

When there is no serious commitment there will be games. No sin is higher than the other. God hates liars but look at what leads this country! There seems to be no protesting for many  deceptions!