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On a real note, I love people who have wisdom, it snatches me and it captivates me especially when you find people with some “common sense” which almost rare. I can have a conversation with someone and then it goes to out there to wild blue yonder and I am floored that the mind is just “scattered”.

What honestly grasps me is not what you look like, or how much money you have, power or status , popularity, I am taken with people with a brain. They use it for more than laying a hat on! When you are smart it helps but there is something about someone who is grounded with some common sense. This brings me to my point!

Seriously, I was channel surfing. Although, I am NOT a television watcher I find something to listen to if it is on while I multitask… Well I came across one of my old favorite talk shows… Merv Griffin, 1965. He had a African-American man who was so powerful in his speech I had to watch. 

I kept trying to recognize who the man was. He had so much wisdom pouring out of him.  I was taken back. I watched attentively!!! I wanted to see who the man was. I kept hearing “Dick”. I said Dick who… I said Oh My God… it can’t be? And it was… Dick Gregory! What he conveyed to America and what will happen with the women if they made better choices to marry. Basically the once of prevention.  I was so blown away with what isn’t spoken about the Civil Rights Movement… and what Dick Gregory said would become some serious problems in the future. We are speaking almost 50 years ago!

What powerful insight this guy had many moons ago. I looked for the old classic Merv Griffin to post it  and I  didn’t find  this particular showing.

Instead, I encourage to you listen to Dick Gregory back in the 60’s.  I found some great nuggets that are just as powerful today!

Watch and listen!