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I pray that everyone who has “ears” listen to the Spirit of God. This doesn’t have to be spooky.  If you have never read a bible, ask God to show you what’s to come.  Sadly, because people played around in folks head and in their pockets people take the church less seriously and what goes on in the name of God.  There are no supernatural powers in the church  just works. 

Yet, in the last hours the church is supposed to step up in more ways than one. We have to feed the people physically but we have to get them together  spiritually. People are looking for results not charlatans.

The end results of staying and enduring  these attacks it’s not physical but spiritual. We have to outlast demonic attacks.  Many of us shared dreams before 9/11. Okay. I hear them say,  ” I don’t take them people seriously.”. It’s them people who can lead the people often to safety in God.

 Whether people trust people I can understand but many are called to decode things that people wont understand and that is often misunderstood and ridicule by the church.

America, needs to pray simple as that! thTDQ1I0M0

The United States of America is under more threats than one can imagine. We have to get our act together as a people and as a nation. It would do absolutely no good to say that we are okay, when we aren’t. I have to be forthcoming and with the truth and stop ignoring things. America can’t let guards down.  Now is the time to shine…With prayers of protection over this country,  leaders , families and every city and state.  Years ago, I had been sharing prophetic dreams. When you share dreams often times some people don’t get it…until the unthinkable happens. I purposely share things publicly so it is on record. Some the oddest things I saw are coming to pass. When I spoke about “Paris” and what would happen in parts of Africa. America I shared about the special holidays, that people love to hurt Americans. It’s out there!

I know the power of prayer in my life. I continue to pray whether it’s all good or all bad. I can’t afford to  have a prayer less life. really, none of us can. As many claim to be leaders it’s not even crunch time but more or less crush time. The greatest “reviving” may not come in great times but in bad times.

With the commission  of doing many things prophetically . I have to reassess what I am doing, who I am doing it with, and what I take in as far as my spiritual food. There are some dark days coming and for whatever reason, the thought it can never happens stops because of prayer! 

Prayer changes everything!  There is a great lie to say “Peace” when there is no peace! That this country is progressing when it’s regressing. We need spiritual boldness, not Christ shaming, which too many do to keep the numbers in our out of the church. God works with minimal numbers and so many forget this. The church is worried about the foolish things while the credibility is at zero! It’s our time… We can’t bind the devil and be the devil. We must reposition ourselves as Believers to do better by God and his people.  Learn to be a little be less selfish intercede for our nation because we are truly going to need it!